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[LG webOS TV] – TV picture quality self-diagnostic

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[LG webOS TV] Picture Test self-diagnostic



how to use Conducting Picture Test


             home  settings  advanced setting Picture Picture Test


                 Should there be questionable issues about the picture quality on screen your first course of

             action is to run a Picture Test and let the self-diagnostic on screen be the judge. This option

             was incorporated to the television to assist customers in narrowing down root cause of any

             picture quality deficiency most often created by poor quality or defective cabling or problematic

             peripheral in turn too often attributed to the television being the one whose task is to reproduce

             the images on screen.

             If the picture on screen appears impeccable it signifies the TV can and will reproduce clean,

             crisp and clear images as long as it is supplied quality material and all peripheral hardware

             leading to the television is in top shape.


             Second course of action would be to RESET the picture settings altogether in case someone

             might have accidentally fooled around with some parameters causing the picture to be unsettling.


             Ensure that no wire and cable going to the television jack pack is loose and if they appear worn

             out perhaps it would be a good opportunity to replace them.


             Try to pinpoint which peripheral could be the root cause. Are the channels watched from the

             satellite or cable box receiver analog or digital? Is only the picture coming from the DVD player,

             game box or home cinema system unbearable to watch?


             Once guilty peripheral detected you will need to determine what to do next to fix the situation as

             it is not a television problem.


how to use  Conducting 3D Picture Test
            HOME button on the remote control  ►  settings  ►  Advanced Settings icon ►  Picture ►  3D Picture Test
                 You should wear a pair of 3D glasses to check the 3D Pictures.
             After verifying 3D pictures, choose the appropriate button on screen.
             The exact same troubleshooting steps as above should be followed in the case 3D picture test
             is successful yet experiencing deficient picture quality on screen.

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