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Described Video feature - enabling/disabling

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Voice "scene on screen" description feature for the visually impaired.

Described Video is a service making a difference to those who suffer from vision loss by providing visual media accessibility to all. It provides a voiceover description of the program's key visual elements. Narration occurs during natural pauses in dialogue. Blind or partially sighted viewers get to engage with the story through the use of this feature. Described Video is to the vision restricted what closed captioning is to the hearing impaired.

Just like closed captions, described video Information must be encoded in the broadcast signal for the television to reproduce it along currently viewed program.


Remote control [Smart] or [Setting menu] [Option] [Visual Impaired] 

※ If you do not want this function, select “off”.

WebOS TV manufactured after 2014

[Home]  [Setting][Advanced setting] [Accessibility] [Video Description]

※ Select “off” if you don’t need.


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