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“Data Centre Power Problem” error message

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On Monday August 29th from 8 o’clock in the evening up until 10:30 that night, customers might have come across an issue notification message on their Smart TV screen to the effect of “…there was a power problem in the Data Center” that would have prevented end-users from accessing membership registration or editing profile.

The error message would have also been observed at the same time in other LG applications or services such as: ThinQ, LIME, Mobile Communication SmartWorld, LG Health, Solar, LG Cloud, MC AirDrive.

Error notification message may present ramification percussions such as below illustrated example:

 Course of Action

Should you be experiencing difficulties accessing LG server whether for an app, a service or anything related to your Smart TV, please contact the LG Call Interaction Centre at 1.888.542.2623 to inform them of this unfortunate situation in need of a quick resolution. A screenshot of the error from your smart phone would help tremendously in fixing this issue.

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