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YouTube video playback pauses when switching Apps

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While streaming YouTube video content on webOS 3.5 Smart TV, users can switch App by pressing Home button or Settings option resulting in YouTube content automatically pausing in the background.


Previously, anytime users would leave YouTube App while content was still streaming to access another App service or configure TV settings, the content would keep playing in the background. Returning to the YouTube App to resume streaming would obviously be executed with a gap missing.

The “Screen Off” feature that was being utilized to stream YouTube music in the background leaving the screen black is no longer operational.

“Settings > All Settings > PICTURE > Energy Saving > Screen Off”.

This is an intentional change in the customer’s Scene Use according to the service user experience policy change made by Google.


To resume streaming YouTube content where you left off, simply launch the app again and click the Play button on the remote controller or in the app.

       YouTube Video Streaming                                           Video playback pauses                                     Press PLAY to resume streaming

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