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Clothing care labels

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Verifying clothing care label before drying




cause Cause


          ■ Some fabrics may shrink or deform after drying.

              Please refer to below following clothing care tag listing.



how to fix How to fix


          ■ Please select Wool or Delicate cycle for laundry that can easily shrink or deform.

             Some clothes can be washed but may shrink if dried.


          wool/delicate cycle


        ■ Fabrics that should not be dried:

            Leather, Silk, stockings, tights, rubber bands or rubber products,

            electric blanket, starched cloth, blanket with more than 100mm of

            wool, or clothing featuring care label as indicated below:


clothing care tag



           Check the tag

          ※ Please check respective clothing care label before drying.

          The Canadian Office of Consumer Affairs provide a thorough guide to Garment

               and Textile Care Symbols easily accessible on the Internet as per following link:


               Office of Consumer Affairs - Guide to Apparel & Textile Care Symbols

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