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Smart phone - TV YouTube control

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Control YouTube on TV from your phone or tablet




Symptom Symptom


         ■ Control YouTube on TV from your phone or tablet


              Control YouTube on TV with your phone or table

setup How to setup


          ■ Connect over Wi-Fi


             If you're using a supported TV or game console, your phone or tablet will connect to your TV

             automatically when both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Touch or click the Connect over Wi-Fi icon

             to select the display on which your video will play. 

              If your TV or game console supports connecting over Wi-Fi, your device will be visible on the

                Connected TVs screen on your phone or tablet. It isn't possible to remove devices connected

                over Wi-Fi from your Connected TVs list.



          ■ Manual pairing


            If you're unable to connect over Wi-Fi, you can manually pair your TV with your second device.


            Step 1: Find the pairing code


                     1. Launch YouTube on your TV or game console.

                     2. Navigate to Settings.
                     3. Scroll to the
Pair device screen.

Step 2: Enter the pairing code

                     1. Launch the YouTube Android app.
                     2. Go to
                     3. Select
Connected TVs then select Add a TV.

                     4. Enter the pairing code shown on your TV or game console.




              Touch or click the  icon to select the display on which your video will play.

              If you've manually paired one device to your TV while signed in on your phone or tablet, the

                connected TV will automatically appear on other devices that are signed in to the same

                Google account.



              ■ Remove or edit a connected TV:
                  Remove or edit a
Connected TV by returning to the pairing screen on your mobile device.

              ● On Android, touch 
Menu > Settings > Connected TVs > Edit TVs to remove or edit a TV.
                  To remove all paired devices from your connected TV, go to
Settings > Delete > OK.

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