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“NFC repeatedly reads” warning notification

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Customers may experience this recurring “NFC repeatedly reads” warning notification in the middle of the screen preventing them from using any of the other phone’s functions.


NFC tagging allows sharing media, data, contact and payment information between the phone and other devices featuring Near-Field Communication, including credit cards, in very close proximity.

Customers may experience a recurring warning notification taking just about the entire screen of the phone and preventing access to other apps & functions.

This warning displays the following text: “NFC repeatedly reads. To save battery, keep your phone away from the NFC tag or credit card. Otherwise, turn off NFC in Settings.”

This means the phone’s NFC feature is exposed to a tag or credit card in very close proximity to the phone. For example, credit cards featuring tap’n’pay could be stored in the phone case causing phone’s NFC function to act up.


Either keep the phone away from NFC tagged devices or Tap’n’Pay credit cards or, if that is not an option, turn off the phone’s NFC feature until such time where it is needed.

On most phones, this can easily be done from the drop-down notification bar at the top.


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