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Seizing (taking over) sound bar’s Bluetooth functionality

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Taking over sound bar functionality via Bluetooth pairing



While enjoying surround sound, whether viewing a movie or from a portable audio device hard wired to your sound bar, there is a possibility that anyone around with a Smartphone, in the vicinity, could technically seize control of the sound bar and content played simply by pairing to it via Bluetooth.

So, when the sound bar is operating whereas function set to either Optical or Portable Audio input, any Bluetooth device in the area searching to pair can and will connect very easily without any difficulty.

There is no mechanism within the sound bar to prevent this from happening, whether done accidentally or intentionally.



To prevent any such unfortunate incident from producing itself, sound bar owner will need to update the device’s software version.



Following is what will be needed to complete the task at hand:


  1. Sound bar
  2. Remote controller
  3. USB memory stick
  4. Software update file
  5. Philips no.1 screwdriver




※ Ensure to not power “off” or unplug sound bar during software update.

※ Format USB key (FAT32) before copying file over, preferably via Windows 7.


 Software Update File Download


Access LG website:

Click on Support > Software & Firmware >

Software page will come up. Enter model number in appropriate box. Search.

Scroll down to downloadable Firmware update file. Click on file.

When prompted to either Open or Save, choose saving to your hard drive

Locate file on your computer. Extract file.





Locate file on your computer. Extract file from downloaded *.zip file.

Should the filename differ from below respective sound bar filename, rename to reflect exactly as shown below:


Copy Firmware Update file over to USB memory stick.


Remove the sound bar back cover with the use of screwdriver as shown below.


Power “on” the sound bar.


Simultaneously press & hold “Vol Up” (+) button on remote control and “Vol Down” (-) button on the sound bar for little over 5 seconds until all three (3) LED icons light up.



Insert USB memory key at the back of the sound bar.


Firmware update will start automatically. Icons will light up one after the next.



The sound bar will turn itself “off” automatically once firmware update completed.


Unplug the sound bar from wall AC outlet. Remove USB key. Reinstall back cover.




 Confirm Update Successful



Verify to confirm Bluetooth Lock is now operational. Power "on" Sound Bar. Set Sound Bar function to Bluetooth. Enable BT LOCK by pressing and holding “Auto Power On” button on the remote control for little over 2 seconds until the Red LED on sound bar display window blinks.


Ensure BT LOCK operates properly. Set sound bar function to either Optical or Portable. Try to pair your Smartphone to the sound bar. You will not be successful meaning BT LOCK works perfectly fine.


The downside to all this will be remembering to disable BT LOCK whenever wishing to stream music from your Smartphone or that of a friend.


Disable BT LOCK by pressing and holding “Auto Power On” button on the remote control for little over 2 seconds until the Red LED on sound bar display window blinks. Attempting to pair your Smartphone to the sound bar will prove successful until comes the time to reactivate the feature.






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