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symptom Symptom

           1. Ice cubes are not made.

cause Cause


          1. Ice cubes are not dispensed when product is newly installed, or the machine is powered off.


how to fix How to fix


           1. When the machine is newly installed, it needs a day to cool foods cold and 72 hours to make ice cubes.

           2. Push the ice maker button for more than three seconds to turn on power.

           3. Press the button again to turn off.

           4. After dispensing a large amount of ice cubes, it requires time to fill new ice cubes.

           5. It is a normal phenomenon.


          ▷ More information

          - An automatic ice maker makes seven ice cubes at once and dispenses 150-160 ice cubes a day.

          This can be changed depending on the environment.

          (E.g. ambient temperature, number of door opening, cooling load, amount of foods)

          - When the ice storage bin is full (1.5kg), the ice maker will stop dispensing ice cubes.

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