Experience the Best of Cinema, Sports and Gaming with The One & Only LG OLED TV

Experience the Best of Cinema, Sports and Gaming with The One & Only LG OLED TV


Do you know what’s better than watching a film at the theatre or watching sports live? It’s watching them at home! Yes, you heard that right. Whether you’re watching the finder details of Interstellar while munching on popcorn or enjoying the much-awaited India and Pakistan cricket match, all this can be done on an LG OLED TV. It’s time to immerse yourself in the world of cinema, sports, and gaming with the one and only celebration of your success.

This premium TV is unique, and its elegant design can be effortlessly integrated with any style of home décor. Take it from the renowned filmmaker Tim Miller who directed Deadpool; he says that this HD TV is quite perfect as it lets the infinite contrast of cinema pop off the frame. Not just that, watching sports on this TV will make you forget that you are at your home and not watching it live. The NVIDIA G-Sync also keeps the game smooth, offering an immersive gaming experience.

Key Features of LG OLED TV

When we talk about Bollywood, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Shah Rukh Khan stands class apart. After all, he is known as the king of Bollywood for a reason. Similarly, in the world of televisions, LG OLED TVs are a class apart.


Here are the distinctive features of this range of TVs:

1. Brightness Booster

With this LG OLED Evo TV, one can experience visuals brighter than ever before. The credit goes to the AI processor at its core that controls the pixels. Brightness booster in LG OLED TVs can make the screen up to 30% brighter than any non-OLED Evo TV.

2. Infinite Contrast

Witness the difference between perfect blacks. The self-lit pixels in this range of TVs turn on and off seamlessly. There is no backlight, which lets the dark areas stay dark and light areas get exceptionally brighter.

3. 100% Color Fidelity

The LG OLED TVs allow viewers to experience the colors and contrast just the way it was intended by the creator. You will not see any distortions or exaggerations. These TVs are certified by Intertek for 100% color fidelity that displays natural hues exactly like the original source content.

4. 100% Color Volume

Whether it is the brightest scene or the darkest frame, every color is captured on the display screen. This feature of LG OLED TV is also certified by Intertek.

5. Eye Comfort Display

Even after going through a movie marathon, your eyes will feel just as fresh with LG OLED TVs. The state-of-the-art technology used in these TVs emits only a limited amount of blue light that is not harmful to the eyes. It removes screen flashes that lead to eye strain and eliminates the bright and tiring glare.

6. Dolby Vision Gaming

LG is the first in the industry to offer OLED TVs that support Dolby Vision Gaming. You can witness it with a 4k at 120Hz. The combination of fluid 120Hz and smooth HDR provides the visuals of games with a cinematic look.

7. Dolby Vision IQ

Watch the frames of an epic drama come to life right before your eyes with LG OLED TVs. They use several light sensors to optimize the brightness level of the screen, which helps to show every element in vivid clarity.

8. Precision Detail

The Dolby Vision precision detail helps adjust the light level of every inch of the screen to enhance the sharpness, contrast, and detail of the content. It picks out the fine details, especially in dimly-lit parts.

9. Dolby Atmos

With this range of LG OLED TVs, you can have a multi-dimensional sound experience where each sound is placed in its own space. With the AI Sound Pro 7.1.2 virtual surround, you can hear the sounds just as the director intended.


So, these were some of the key features and benefits of LG OLED TVs. These should be enough to convince you that these TVs are on another level. LG brand ambassador, the Badshah, aka Shah Rukh Khan, celebrates his success with the one and only LG OLED TV, and so can you!


Buy the LG OLED TV and stand class apart, just like Shah Rukh Khan. To learn more about this TV and LED TV prices, visit our official website today!