Whenever we talk about dirty clothes there are a lot of things that we worry about be it if the stain will be completely removed or not or Due to the use of the detergent on clothes, you might feel itchy. Well. LG came with a solution to all your problems with steam technology that is used in its unique range of washing machines.


LG washing machines come with a heater located below the inner tub that increases the temperature of the water. Warm water can dissolve detergent more easily and provides you with better and efficient washing performance. Not only this, but it also takes 100% care of your stain and removes them easily. The Steam wash helps to wash clothes hygienically which Kills 99.9% of bacteria, allergens, pollens, dust mites, pet allergen, and germs. Steam Refresh program refreshes Cloths in just 20mins without any water & detergent.

Steam Technology is a true blessing

• Baby Steam Care

Best way to Deep Clean your Baby Clothes, after washing your baby’s clothes, you don’t want any stains to remain. Applying the intense heat of the steam will effectively pre-treat any stains or dirt before washing.


• Reduce Wrinkles and Odors in just 20 minutes

This feature employs the power of steam for deeper cleaning, removing wrinkles and odors from delicate clothes in just 20 minutes.


• Soften Your Clothes with Pure Water

It is 100% skin friendly. It uses pure and natural steam instead of chemical fabric softeners to soften your clothes. You can even see the difference in the fabric texture after softening with steam.


Other Features of LG Washing Machines

• SmartThinQ™ with Wi-Fi – This feature makes doing laundry super easy! You can do it from anywhere at any time. It has a Smart Diagnosis™ that helps you in troubleshooting any problem that saves your time and money. With the help of the download cycle, nearly 20 wash programs can be scheduled.

• Smart Diagnosis™ System – With the help of the system of Smart Diagnosis™, you can save your time and with just a phone call, you can troubleshoot a problem.

• Full Touch Control Panel – An elegant design with a full touch control panel for maximum visibility.

• Advanced Design – LG’s sleek glass porthole design with wide-opening doors, makes the task of loading and unloading of clothes much easy.

• Large capacity – With a large capacity, with every load that is washed you save your energy as well as time.

• 6Motion Technology – The 6Motion technology washes in six different wash motions providing an ultimate clean laundry.

• TubFresh Technology – TubFresh Technology helps in cleaning the wash tub and spinning it dry. This maintains the freshness of the fully automatic washer.

• TurboWash Technology – LG’s revolutionary TurboWash technology offers the fastest cycle times in the washing machine industry. It lets you save about 20 minutes on every wash cycle.

• Direct Drive Motors – LG fully automatic machine washers have few moving parts which make it a long-lasting product. The direct-drive motor comes with a 10-year warranty.

• TrueBalance – With TrueBalance, there is a powerful performance with fewer vibrations and noise.


With such amazing features, explore LG’s superb range of washing machines that offer twice the performance in half the space.


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