There’s some good news for all the green consumers out there. Straight up, you never have to be torn between getting the really big TV that you’ve been coveting, and finding a smaller TV that’s easier on the environment.

With today’s advanced technology and constant state of innovation, larger TV screens no longer have to automatically mean more power consumption. And all you have to do to make sure a TV is eco-friendly is just take a look at the frame. What you’re looking for is a Carbon Reduction Label issued by Carbon Trust. If you see it, then you know the company has made a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of their product or service.

Now with that said, LG is proud to become the first company in Europe to carry the Carbon Reduction Label on our TVs. Two 3D TV models in particular, the 47LW5500-ZE and 47LW550T-ZE, now display the label, demonstrating our commitment to reduce environmental impact at all stages lifecycle, from production, to transportation, preparation, use and disposal. And the label also tells you that LG is committed to make further emissions reductions. Below are some stats to help you understand.





Pretty impressive, right?

The award is especially significant because it shows how much LG is dedicated to bringing environmentally friendly products to the shelves and in the homes of consumers. And we know for a fact that our consumers care about saving energy and the environment.

Statistics prove that an increasing number of consumers care and are paying attention to the footprint of what they buy. Recent research on UK consumer buying habits, commissioned by the Carbon Trust, showed that 47% of shoppers are more likely to choose low carbon labeled goods over non-labeled. Also, one in five (21%) said they would pay more for carbon labeled products.

So, embrace that big screen! Enjoy your house and feel good about yourself for making a smart choice!