Nanocell cinema

NanoCell Cinema. Performance worthy of the big screen

NanoCell cinema.
Performance worthy of the big screen.

Turn your home into the movie theatre you've been dreaming of with a TV that's truly cinematic.

The secret to pure cinema.

Upgrade movies nights with a cinematic display.

Enjoy the full cinema experience from the comfort of your own home with LG NanoCell TV's Ultra Large Screen.

A large TV mounted against a grey stone wall next to floor-to-ceiling windows in a modern room. The screen shows a red-haired woman holding a bow pointed towards the camera.

Full Array Local Dimming

Dark scenes have entered the picture.

With multiple precisely controlled dimming zones, Full Array Local Dimming offers improved backlight control to deliver deeper blacks. This enhances contrast, revealing a more detailed picture even in dark movie scenes.

LG NanoCell Cinema Full Array Local Dimming

An image split down the middle showing different TV dimming technology. The left side shows Edge dimming, the right Full Array Dimming. More detail and sharp definition is shown on the right.

*Full Array Dimming is supported on all sizes of the NANO99, NANO95, and NANO 90 models. It is only available on the 86 (218.44CM) NANO85 model.
*Compared to conventional LG's UHD TVs without NanoCell Technology.
*Images simulated to enhance feature understanding.

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Movies as they're meant to be.

FILMMAKER MODE™ turns off motion smoothing while preserving the original aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates. This accurately delivers the director's original vision, so you experience the film the way they intended.

Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos

See and hear dolby at its best.

LG NanoCell TVs come with the latest solutions from Dolby. Dolby Vision IQ utilizes metadata and the TVs’ built-in light sensors to optimize picture quality based on content genre and ambient surroundings while Dolby Atmos simultaneously delivers multi-dimensional immersive sound. It’s a powerful combination that delivers a more realistic experience when watching a movie.

LG NanoCell Cinema Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos

*Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos are supported on all sizes of the NANO99, NANO95, NANO90, and NANO85 models. They are only available on the 86 (218.44CM) NANO75 model.

HDR 10 Pro

Bring everything you watch to life.

LG's own dynamic range technology, HDR 10 Pro, adjusts brightness to enhance color, reveal every tiny detail, and bring lifelike clarity to every image — it also intensifies regular HDR content. Now all your favorite movies and shows will be more vivid and vibrant from beginning to end.

LG NanoCell Cinema HDR 10

The structural process of HDR 10 Pro showing the output image after LG TV Processing the input image.

*Images simulated to enhance feature understanding.

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Auto Calibration

Expert level precision.

Auto Calibration supports high-level, hardware tuning allowing experts to perform fast calibration on LG NanoCell TVs. This ensures that the TV can be tuned to provide optimal image accuracy and helps to prevent potential luminance deviations to guarantee a high-quality picture that will satisfy even those with an expert eye.

LG NanoCell Cinema Auto Calibration

*Auto Cailibration is supported on all sizes of the NANO99, NANO95, NANO90, and NANO85 models. It is only available on the 86 (218.44CM) NANO75 model.


Now streaming on LG NanoCell.

LG NanoCell TVs support Netflix, Disney+ hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV. Now you can enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows, and documentaries with extraordinary picture quality and immersive sound.

LG NanoCell Cinema Entertainment

*Netflix streaming membership required.
*Disney+ subscription required. Subject to terms at ⓒ 2020 Disney and its related entities.
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*Subscription required for Apple TV+. Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc, Registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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