LG OLED Gallery Stand

Three Gallery Design TVs with a stand working as artworks at any place
Gallery Stand

Designed to stand out.

Picturesque works of art aren't just for walls anymore. The Gallery Stand gives you the freedom to place your TV out in the open and turn your home into a gallery.

Learn how the Gallery Stand will add elegance to your space.

Images are arranged for each gallery stand angle.

*The Gallery Stand requires a separate purchase.
**The Gallery Stand is only available with the OLED G1(66 (165.1cm), 55 (139.7cm)), OLED C1(66 (165.1cm), 55 (139.7cm)), OLED B1(66 (165.1cm), 55 (139.7cm)), OLED A1(66 (165.1cm), 55 (139.7cm))

This is an image of the companion bracket and cable management.

Easy to mount,
Easy to manage.

It comes with a companion bracket and accessories that allow your TV to hold other small devices. Cable management was specifically engineered to keep the premium look and feel of an art gallery.

All Spec


OLED Models

2021 : 65/55 G1, 65/55/48 C1, 65/55 B1, 65/55 A1.
2020 : 65/55 GX, 65/55/48 CX, 65/55 BX.
2019 : 65/55 C9, 65/55 B9

NanoCell Models

2021 : 55/65 NANO73, NANO75, NANO80, NANO83, QNED91
2020 : 55/65 NANO80, NANO86, NANO91
2019 : 55/65 SM8100, SM9000

UHD 4K Models

2021 : 55/65 UP7500, UP7550,UP7720,UP7740, UP7750, UP8000
2020 : 55/65 UN7190, UN7300, UN7350, UN8000
2019 : 55/65 UM7300, UM7600


Product Dimensions (WxHxD)

1159 x 883 x 761

Shipping Dimensions

1271 x 221 x 876

Product Weight

6 Kg

Shipping Weight

10.4 Kg

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LG OLED Gallery Stand