Silver American Style InstaView Fridge Freezer | Large Capacity 635L





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Silver American Style InstaView Fridge Freezer | Large Capacity 635L


Silver American Style InstaView Fridge Freezer | Large Capacity 635L

Thumbnail of Stainless Steel Silver American Style Instaview Fridge Freezer with Large Capacity 635L, featuring Knock Knock and Door-in-Door Technology

What's to Love About LG Fridge Freezers?

This is an image that summarizes the main features of the product into four categories.


Knock Twice & See Inside

Knock twice and see 23% more of what's inside with the latest generation of InstaView™.

It is a logo for InstaView.

*Compared to LG conventional Side by Side InstaView™ ThinQ™(GSX971NEAE).


Seals in Farm Freshness Longer

Enjoy fresh food with LG's temperature control and cooling technology that keeps your food fresher, longer.

The top part of the image is harvesting lettuce from the field. The bottom part of the image is a fresh salad in a round plate. The vegetables in these two images are naturally connected as if they were one image.


Goodbye Bacteria

UVnano™ refreshes your water dispenser nozzle every day, automatically eliminating *99.99% of bacteria from the water nozzle with UV light.

It is a logo for Uvnano.

*The UVnano (function name: Self Care) was assessed by laboratory tests by TÜV Rheinland using internal testing methods of measuring reduction of E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa in distilled water samples after exposure to the product’s UV LED for 10 minutes each hour, after a total of 24 hours in normal household use. Actual results may vary depending on environmental conditions and usage. The product does not treat or cure health-related conditions and does not guarantee that water filtered by the product will be free from contaminants such as microbiological particles affecting health of users.

*UVnano is a compound of the words UV(ultraviolet) and nanometer(unit of length).


Smart Living Begins with LG ThinQ™

Wi-Fi-enabled appliances let you control and monitor your refrigerator with your smartphone and voice commands.

There's a woman sitting comfortably at a table far away doing her job. There is an ai speaker on the table. Leaving her behind, the walls and InstaView refrigerator are placed.

*Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.

*Amazon, Alexa, Echo and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates.

*LG SmartThinQ is now renamed as LG ThinQ.

*Smart features and voice assistant product may vary by country and model. Check with your local retailer or LG for service availability.

*Voice-enabled smart speaker device is not included.

A video begins with the front view of the refrigerator with both doors wide open. The interior spaces are outlined in a neon lines and arrows begin to push the lines out to show that there is now more space inside. The neon square around the interior spaces flashes to show the difference between the new space and the old smaller space which is now outlined in a dotted white line.

Large Capacity

Get More Food Storage Space

A side view of a kitchen with a black InstaView refrigerator installed.

Ultra-sleek Door

Enhance Your Décor

A diagonal view up into the top of the refrigerator showing the soft LED lighting.

Metal Fresh™

A Timeless Finish

A diagonal view of the shelf with metallic paneling on the interior of the refrigerator.

Soft LED Lighting

Visibly Better Lighting

The front view of the metallic Metal Fresh panel with the "Metal Fresh" logo showing.

Metallic Decoration

Sleek, Luxury Metallic Finish

*635L:Based on EU standard, 635L is capacity of LGE model GSXV91NSAE.

*27 cu.ft:Based on North America standard, 27 cu.ft is capacity of LGE model LRS*2706.

*Metal Fresh™ is a compound phrase derived from the phrases 'metal laminated design' applied on the cold air vent and 'NatureFresh' by LinearCooling™ and DoorCooling+™.

*The use of metal components does not in itself keep the food in the refrigerator fresher.



What is the point of an InstaView™ fridge?


With LG's ingenious InstaView™ technology, there’s no need to open the door of your LG Fridge to see what’s inside. Simply knock twice on the tinted glass panel and it illuminates to let you check its contents. Why? Prevents cold air loss, keeps Fridge temperature stable, saves energy and keeps your food fresher for longer.

It's the simple, energy-saving way to check what’s inside your LG Fridge without even opening the door.


What is the point of a Door-in-Door™ refrigerator?


LG’s Door-in-Door™ system provides instant access to everyday essentials without opening the whole Fridge door. Store well-used drinks and snacks like milk, juice, butter, fruit and yoghurts in the easy-reach compartment, designed to minimise cool air loss and thus reduce energy usage in your smart tech LG Fridge.


What do I need to plumb in a fridge freezer?


For more information, please click the link below.


How do I change the temperature setting on my LG Fridge Freezer?


Use the Control Panel on the door or inside the fridge to set or adjust the temperature for your fridge or freezer. Use the LG ThinQ™ App to change the temperature setting remotely via your smartphone for supported models.


What to consider when buying a fridge freezer?


LG offers a broad range of stylish, energy-efficient Fridge Freezers with multiple smart features. From roomy American Style and convenient Multi-Door, to InstaView™ Door-in-Door™ technology, Combi and Slim models, LG offers the perfect Fridge Freezer for every household. If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, it’s easy to integrate your dream appliance; if you have an existing gap to fill, you may find your choice is dictated by space. Once you’ve decided on a Fridge Freezer that best suits your lifestyle, look at storage space, innovative cooling technologies that keep your food items fresher for longer, convenient features like Total No Frost, a UVNano auto-cleaning water and ice dispenser, folding shelves and FRESHBalancer™ drawer system. Don’t forget to check energy efficiency and product warranty.


What size fridge freezer do I need?


Although it depends on your lifestyle, for a good rule of thumb: the LG Combi fridge freezer (capacity: 340-384L) is normally sufficient for a small household of 1-2 people; Slim Multi-Door models (506-508L) suit a family of 3-4; for a larger family, we recommend the capacious LG Multi-Door or American Style models (capacity 625-705L). Multi-Door models provide extra-wide space for storage of items such as trays or platters. At LG we want every customer to get the Fridge Freezer that suits them best, so we offer a selection of sizes within each range.


What is the difference between a plumbed and non-plumbed fridge?


LG offers you the ultimate freedom of where to locate your Fridge Freezer, offering plumbed and non-plumbed models. A plumbed fridge is connected directly to the water supply to feed the ice and water dispenser. A non-plumbed fridge has a built-in refillable water tank connected to the door-mounted dispenser. Simply keep the tank topped up to enjoy the luxury of chilled water on tap.



913 x 1790 x 735
InstaView™ ThinQ™ - Knock Twice & See Inside
UVnano™ - Refresh Your Dispenser Nozzle Every Day

All Spec


  • Depth without door (mm)


  • Depth with handle (mm)


  • Height to Top of Case (mm)


  • Height to Top of Hinge or Door Cap Deco (mm)


  • Product Weight (kg)


  • Product Dimension (WxHxD, mm)


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