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Choosing a Solar System:

What to Consider

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When you go solar, ask for
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Do you feel overwhelmed with the many solar system options available today? If you’re not sure which components to choose, join the club. It’s normal not to know what solar products would be best for your particular installation. We can offer a few tips that will help you feel confident you’re investing in the right system for your home or business.

1 Find a Trustworthy Installer

Your solar installer is an essential partner who can help you find the right fit for your home. A qualified solar installer will perform a site inspection before providing a quote for your system. Your installer should be able to share information on incentives, permitting and financing options in your state and community.

It’s important to work with an installation company that has a solid reputation and doesn’t pressure you into making an uninformed purchase. LG Solar works with a network of local installers, known as LG PROs, who are recognized for their commitment to quality.

2 Don’t be Fooled by Price—Focus on Efficiency

  • High-efficiency Solar Panels

    When it comes to solar panels, efficiency is key. High-efficiency panels can produce more electricity with smaller panels than lower efficiency models. This means you need fewer panels to meet your power needs. Smaller panels also give your installer more flexibility on smaller roofs or roofs that experience some shading.

    Balancing the investment in the cost of solar modules with their efficiency rating and maximum power output, consumers gain both short-term and long-term benefits from purchasing high-efficiency solar modules. LG Solar’s BiFacial, NeON® 2, and NeON® R modules provide solid options for arrays ranging from small rooftops to large commercial installations.

  • Find a Solar System that’s Built to Last

    A solar system is a long-term investment, so the durability of your panels is also important. High-quality solar panels can withstand a variety of weather conditions and climates. From high wind and heat to snow, LG Solar panels are designed to last and perform well year-round.

  • Heat

    Many people believe solar panels perform well on hot days, but high heat environments actually decrease energy generation. Solar panels with a low “temperature coefficient,” including LG Solar’s NeON® R and NeON® 2 panels, perform well even on hot days.

  • Wind

    Wind can cause significant damage to solar panels that have a low maximum load capacity. LG Solar modules have a high maximum load capacity and are designed to withstand up to 180 mph winds. They feature a double-walled frame that can resist a front load of 5400 Pascal (a unit used to quantify the amount of pressure) and a rear load of 4000 Pascal.

  • Warranty

    A brand that is confident in its solar modules provides long-lasting warranties. LG’s commitment is demonstrated through its 25-year limited warranty for performance, product and labor (labor costs in the rare case of a needed module repair or replacement are covered up to $450). With a commitment like this, you can rest easy knowing you will have support for decades to come.

3 Find the right Module

With so many solar modules available, it’s important to make an informed decision about the brand you will trust with your investment. Research your options carefully, talk to your installer, review product specs and technologies, and consider the bankability of the brands you’re considering.

LG Solar offers the following modules:

  • NeON® 2: Our best-selling module is extremely durable. Armed with Cello Technology™ and guaranteeing a minimum power output of 90.08% at 25 years, this panel is an excellent choice.
  • NeON® R: Our most efficient module, the NeON® R features Back Contact Technology (with no electrodes on the front to increase sunlight absorption) and is LG Solar’s premium module. The NeON® R provides high power output, durability, a clean, sleek look and a low temperature coefficient.
  • NeON® 2 BiFacial: LG’s BiFacial panels are designed to absorb sunlight from both the front and back, and are ideal for ground installations.
  • NeON® 2 Black and NeON® R Prime: All-black options are available in both the NeON® 2 and NeON® R lines for homeowners who prefer an all-black aesthetic.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide to go solar; we encourage you to talk to an LG PRO installer today. Take the next step toward financial savings and doing your part to protect the environment.

When you go solar, ask for the brand you can trust: LG Solar