THX Certified


THX Certified picture. No other LED comes close.

LG has raised the HDTV bar yet again, with the only LED TV worthy of THX Certification for picture quality.*


What is THX® Certification?

THX Certified

First let’s start with what THX is. You’ve probably been in a movie theater when, suddenly, a huge THX logo appeared on the screen—accompanied by a sound that raised the hairs on the back of your neck. Well, just as THX has always been synonymous with amazing cinematic sound, it now also represents the benchmark for image quality in HDTVs.

Achieving THX Certification is no easy task. Before the TV even hits the shelves, THX conducts 200 tests covering over 400 data points. The cinematic experts at THX analyze every aspect of a TV’s picture quality—including brightness, contrast, color accuracy and off-angle viewing performance. Based on their findings, we further enhance the image quality until it meets THX standards. Only then can the TV bear the mark of THX Certification.


Technology is a beautiful thing.

The HDTV gurus at THX awarded us—and only us—their coveted certification for picture quality. We’d like to thank our patented Full LED Slim backlighting technology for the honor. It delivers incredibly vibrant colors, deep blacks and precise image detail, no matter what’s on your TV. And THX would agree.

Not long ago, their video engineers challenged us to create a television that could meet their strict standards for superior picture quality and guarantee superior performance. Two-hundred rigorous laboratory tests later, we’re not just the only ones to bring you a THX Certified LED TV, we’re also the first LED to be certified—a commitment to technological innovation that comes through in every HDTV that we make.

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THX Movie Mode.
Film buffs, rejoice.

What if you could perfectly calibrate your TV’s picture with the touch of a button? With our THX Certified LEDs, you can.

THX Movie Mode instantly optimizes the brightness, contrast, color, and details of your favorite movies, reproducing the settings used in the mastering studio. The result is a fuller, richer movie-watching experience that brings the filmmaker’s vision to life on your TV. So, you’re not just getting a better picture—you’re getting the big picture.


Our THX Certified LED was used to screen an international premiere at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. Chances are, it’s good enough for your living room.


Bring THX home.

The beauty of our THX Certified LEDs is that, no matter what’s on—movies, sports, video games, TV shows—it’s guaranteed to look amazing.


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*LG LED TVs are LCD with LED backlighting. THX Certified models in 2D only.