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Nano Cell Technology

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Colour. It's at the heart of what makes a truly memorable viewing experience, colour that is true-to-life, accurate and captures the imagination. However, for many LCD TVs, the viewing angle (the angle from which you view the screen) can affect that colour accuracy. But with selected LG Super UHD TVs now incorporating Nano Cell Technology*, you can bring cinema home.

Nano Cell Technology uses nano particles that absorb unwanted light wavelengths and enhances the purity of the red and green colours displayed on the screen. The result is dramatic, enhanced picture quality to give you an incredible cinematic experience.

But there's another benefit – the use of Nano Cell Technology in the LG IPS panel enables this broad spectrum of colour to be seen at much wider viewing angles (even as far as 60-degress), so you don't have to battle it out for the best seat in the house. With LG Super UHD TVs featuring Nano Cell Technology, bring cinema home and give everyone a great seat.

* Available on SJ85 & UJ75