86 Inch LG QNED MiniLED AI QNED90 4K Smart TV 2024

86 Inch LG QNED MiniLED AI QNED90 4K Smart TV 2024


86 Inch LG QNED MiniLED AI QNED90 4K Smart TV 2024

Front view of LG QNED MiniLED TV, QNED90 with text of LG QNED MiniLED AI, 2024, and webOS Re:New Program logo on screen

It's all about the new QNED

Crisp colour and clarity on colossal LG QNED. Our new chipset and dimming zones perfect contents so every pixel stays razor sharp.

LG QNED MiniLED QNED90 screen featuring a colorful artwork.
*Screen image simulated.

Explore LG QNED AI's new innovations

The alpha 8 AI Processor 4K is shown with orange light emanating from underneath. A red, yellow and purple spiral shape is shown between the words "Upgradeable webOS" and "webOS Re:New Program". LG QNED89, QNED90 and QNED99 TVs are shown in order from left to right. Each TV shows a colorful splash and the words "Ultra Big TV" are shown above the TVs.
alpha 8 AI Processor 4K

Outstanding intelligence for QNED elevates your TV experience

LG's alpha 8 AI Processor 4K with orange light emanating underneath, and colorful circuit board lines branching off the AI Processor.

Immersion from within. Our advanced alpha 8 AI Processor 4K auto-optimizes audio and picture quality to sync to you.

*Screen image simulated.

Intelligence that refines the QNED experience

LG TV mounted on a wall in a living room with a guitar player on the screen, as concentric circle graphics representing sound waves, and the words "AI Customization" top left. A woman crouching outside on a sunny day in front of trees and a blue sky, and the words "AI Picture Pro" top left. LG TV with sound bubbles and waves emit from the screen and fill the space, and the word "AI Sound Pro" top left.
AI Customization

Syncs with how you watch

A gallery featuring 6 images of hot air balloons in the sky are shown. Two images are selected. Next, a gallery featuring 6 images of people blowing bubbles appears. 2 more are selected. A black screen appears with a pink and purple loading icon. A mystical landscape appears, and refinements appear gradually from left to right.

A picture tailored to your taste

Select your favorite images, and AI Picture Wizard creates a picture tailored exactly to your unique taste from 85 million possibilities, then saves it to your profile.

LG TV mounted on a wall in a living room with a guitar player shown on the screen. Concentric circle graphics representing sound waves.
AI Acoustic Tuning

The optimal audio fits your space

The sound system detects the layout of your room and where you're sitting to create a dome of sound around you, perfectly tuned to your room's unique acoustics.





Intelligence that's bright in any light

Come day or night, Brightness Control detects the light in your space and balances the picture accordingly for crisp and clear visuals.

AI Picture Pro

Feel authentic realism
in every frame

AI powers crisp clarity and colour

Make every scene a masterpiece. AI Super Upscaling uses deep-learning algorithms to enhance content in real-time so everything you watch looks astonishingly crisp.

*QNED99, QNED90, QNED89 and QNED85 feature AI Picture Pro and AI Super Upscaling.

**Models with the alpha 9 / alpha 8 processor (QNED99, QNED90, QNED89, QNED85, and 86NANO80) feature Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro.

***AI Picture Pro will not work with any copyright-protected content on OTT services.

****Image quality of upscaled content will vary based on the source resolution.

AI Sound Pro

Hear every detail of the soundscape

*Screen images simulated.

**Must be activated through the sound mode menu.

***Sound may vary according to the listening environment. 

webOS Re:New Program logo is against a black background with a yellow and orange, purple circular sphere at the bottom.
webOS Re:New Program

Every year new TV for 5 years

Stay up to date with handy features and technologies through 4 promised webOS upgrades over 5 years.

*The webOS Re:New Program supports a total of 4 webOS upgrades over five years.

**The five-year upgrade threshold for the webOS Re:New Program is the global launch of a new product.

***The first upgrade to webOS will occur two years from the time of purchase.

****Customers receive 5 versions of webOS including the current version at point of purchase.

*****Upgrades are available for 2022 release models including all OLED and 8K QNEDs, and models released after 2023 include UHD, NanoCell, QNED and OLED.

******Features are subject to change and some feature, application, and service updates may vary by model.

webOS 24

Make your TV experience yours

Experience TV that's made for you with My Profile, AI Picture Wizard, AI Concierge, and Quick Cards.

Find out More

webOS 24 home screen with Home Office, Game, Music, Home Hub, and Sports Categories. The bottom of the screen shows personalized recommendations under "Top picks for you."

*Supported menus and apps may vary by country and be different upon release.

**Keyword recommendations vary according to the app and time of day and are only provided in countries that support NLP in their native language. 

***Applied to OLED/QNED/Nanocell/UHD model manufactured in the year of 2023 and after.

****A total of 4 upgrades will be provided in the 5 year period, and the schedule may vary depending on the region or country.

*****Screen images simulated.

Ultra Big TV

Awe-inspiring scale captivates you

A family in a living room with an ultra big LG TV mounted on the wall, with an ocean scene including coral and a turtle on the screen.

Ultimate immersion from life-size entertainment. See all your content on an ultra-big

display and enjoy unparalleled clarity and scale for watching, playing, or exercising.

*QNED90 feature Gallery Design.

**QNED90, QNED85 and QNED80 come in a maximum of 86 (218.44cm)

***Applied models may vary by region.

Precision Dimming

Precise backlight brings crisp clarity

See every scene in true-to-life clarity. Precision dimming technology controls hundreds of dimming blocks to produce the sharpest possible picture and reveal hidden details.

*QNED90, and QNED89 feature Precision Dimming Technology.

**QNED90 and QNED89 feature Precision Dimming.

Million Grey Scale

A million shades present magnificent details

One million dynamic gradations and brightness levels bring out the sharpest details for new realms of depth.

A split-screen image of a swan. On the left, the words 'Conventional LCD' and a color bar with stark increments are shown with the swan. On the right, the words '1M Greyscale' and a color bar with smooth gradation with swan, which is clear with good contrast.

*Screen images simulated.

QNED Colour

See bright and lush colours burst to life

Be mesmerized by incredibly rich colours, even more vivid than the world around you.

*QNED90 feature QNED Colour Pro and 100% Colour Volume.

**Display Colour Gamut Volume (CGV) is equivalent to or exceeds the CGV of the DCI-P3 colour space as certified independently by Intertek.

Gallery Design

Display a masterpiece on your wall

Display your TV like a work of art. The slim design sits flush with the wall, so your screen blends seamlessly into your space.

LG TV mounted flat against the wooden wall with its paired soundbar. LG TV mounted with soundbar against the grey wall in wooden floored modern living room displaying colorful works of art on screen. An angled perspective of a living room with marbled floor and LG TV mounted against the beige colored wall displaying aerial view of tropical ocean and a boat on it.

*QNED90 feature Gallery Design.

**QNED90 come in a maximum of 86 (218.44cm).

***Applied models may vary by region.

Perfect Fit with LG Audio

The outstanding soundbar worthy of the LG QNED AI

*Soundbar can be purchased separately, and Soundbar Mode Control may vary by model.

**LG TV Remote usage is limited to certain features only. 

***Please note that the service may not be available at the time of purchase. A network connection is required for updates.

****WOW Interface Compatible TVs: QNED90, QNED89, QNED85 and QNED80.

*****WOW Orchestra Compatible TVs: QNED90, QNED89 and QNED85.

******WOWCAST Compatible TVs: QNED90, QNED89 and QNED85.

*******QNED90, QNED89, QNED85 models of 80 inches and higher can be matched with S90TY, S90TR and S70.

Dive into movie thrills and
gaming skills

Dolby Vision & FILMMAKER Mode

Authentic movie scenes burst into life

Transform movie night. Dolby Vision's ultra-vivid picture comes together with the support of FILMMAKER MODE™ to preserve the director's intention, optimizing the picture quality while ensuring no distortion or over-processing.

A man in a dark editing studio looking at an LG TV displaying the film 'Killers of the Flower Moon'. The in-image text reads," For home viewing, every film should be seen in filmmaker mode." followed by "Martin Scorsese, Director, Killers of the Flower Moon" underneath. The Killers of the Flower Moon logo, Apple TV logo, and the words "Coming soon" are below.

*Screen images simulated.

**FILMMAKER MODE is a trademark of UHD Alliance, Inc.

True Cinema Experience

Enjoy full-scale visuals and audio from your sofa

Transform how you watch your favorite movies. Dolby Atmos produces spatial sound to draw you in even deeper, while HDR10 Pro ensures colours look rich and vivid.

A living room facing front. An opaque, white dome across the room and bright circle graphics surround the room. Dolby Atoms logo in the bottom left corner.

*HDR10 Pro is a technology developed by LG Electronics based on the standardized picture quality of standard 'HDR10'.

Advanced Gameplay

Set your sights on colossal victories

Play stays smooth at high-speed with FreeSync and VRR, while easy settings make victory<br> a cinch.

A blurry scene of a car driving fast in a racing game. The scene is refined, resulting in smooth and clear action. FreeSync Premium logo and VRR logo in the top right corner.

*QNED90, QNED89 and QNED85 feature AMD FreeSync™ Premium and VRR.

**QNED90, QNED89, QNED85, and QNED80 feature GeForce NOW, Game Dashboard & Optimizer, ALLM, eARC, and HGiG.

***VRR is a certified specification of HDMI 2.1.

****HGiG is a volunteer group of companies from the game and TV display industries that meet to specify and make available for the public guidelines to improve consumer gaming experiences in HDR.

*****Support for HGiG may vary by country.

Controls right
where you need them

Don't pause to use Game Optimizer and Game Dashboard.

A FPS gaming scene with the Game Dashboard appearing over the screen during gameplay. A dark, wintery scene with the Game Optimizer menu appearing over the game.

*Game Dashboard is activated only when both "Game Optimizer" and "Game Dashboard" is on. 

**Screen images simulated.

Access to all your favorite games

Thousands of gaming universes right at your fingertips. Explore an epic library of cloud gaming titles and stream them immediately without ever wasting play time on downloads or updates.

A Boosteroid home screen image showing "Trine 4: The Nightmare Price". A GeForce NOW home screen showing five different game thumbnails in right.

*Supported partnerships may differ by country.

**GeForce NOW subscription may be required.

***Boosteroid subscription may be required.

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