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For PeopleTechnology should develop for people. We create a better life for those who make our products and those who use them.

African American mother and daughter standing in park. Little girl on mother shoulders

We're building a sustainable supply chain with our skill and know-how, and creating an environment where diverse people can learn and grow together. Plus, we make easy-to-use products and services so everyone can benefit from technology.

Better WorkplaceWe continuously prevent supply chain risks globally. We're creating an environment where everyone can work safely together with our partner companies.

image of female worker assembling a washing machine in US LG factory

Our Goals

Acquire/Maintain safety and health management system(ISO 45001) certification for production sites
87%2021 Achievement
100%12030 Target
  • 1Achieve/maintain 100% by 2025
Ratio of Production sites with no critical non-conformance (based on RBA1 audit requirements)
66%2021 Achievement
100%2030 Target
  • 1RBA: Responsible Business Alliance
Keep the proportion of high risk at 0.5% or lower for suppliers' self assessment factors
1.0%2021 Achievement
0.5% or lower2030 Target

Our Efforts

Better SocietyCreativity and innovation come together when we understand and acknowledge diverse perspectives and learn from each other.

employees of various races are laughing and talking

Our Goals

Ratio of disabled persons in employment (Korea)
2.3%2021 Achievement
3.5%2030 Target
Ratio of female employees (Korea)
13.4%2021 Achievement
20%2030 Target

Our Efforts

Better AccessWe are all ears to diverse perspectives in the process of our products and designs to make everyone benefit from our new technologies.

image of reading control panel braille and turn on the washing machine

Our Goals

Incorporate accessibility features and universal design into all product lines
Planning for some products2021 Achievement
100%2030 Target
Apply the manuals for use by people with disabilities for all products
Some H&A products2021 Achievement
100%2030 Target

Our Efforts

We share our progress to
encourage sustainability widely.

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