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For the PlanetNature is irreplaceable source of all life. Once it's damaged, it's hard to return to the way it was. That's why we need to do the right thing for the planet right now.

image of sun sets right at the top of the valley

We're reducing the amount of carbon we use when we produce, and dispose of products. We use eco-friendly materials to make products and packaging, and we recycle reusable parts of old appliances.

Better EarthWe're always thinking about what we can do to save Earth. We reduce carbon emissions, and use renewable energy for sustainable daily life.

front view of LG north american headquarters with solar panels

Our Goals

Achieve carbon neutrality
40%12021 Achievement
Carbon Neutrality22030 Target
  • 1compared to base year(2017)
  • 250% reduction in emissions in the production phase + 50% of external offset by 2030
Complete transition to renewable energy
4.6%2021 Achievement
100%2050 Target

Our Efforts

Better CircularityEarth's resources are limited, so we made a virtuous cycle of resources to use them efficiently. We take renewable resources from old products, and recycle them into brand new products.

image of scrap metal recycling lead ready

Our Goals

Increase waste recycling rate at production sites
92%2021 Achievement
95%2030 Target
Expand a cumulative collection amount of e-waste(2006 to 2030)
3.52 million tons2021 Achievement
8 million tons2030 Target

Our Efforts

Better Eco-productTechnology must develop in a way that's helpful to the environment. We use eco-conscious materials to make our products to reduce carbon emissions when using them.

image of TV and plants in the living room where sunlight comes in

Our Goals

Reduce carbon emissions during use of 7 major products1(compared to 2020)
6.6%2021 Achievement
20%2030 Target
  • 1TV, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dryers, Residential Air Conditioner(RAC), System Air Conditioner(SAC), Monitors
Expand a cumulative use of recycled plastics(2021 to 2030)
27,000 tons2021 Achievement
600,000 tons2030 Target

Our Efforts

We share our progress to
encourage sustainability widely.

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