LG OLED HDR provides the HDR TV experience
by supporting both HDR10 and Dolby Vision
and offering premium picture quality with infinite contrast


High Dynamic Range(HDR) technology adjusts light exposure in images
to more accurately reflect wide spectrum of colour processed by the human eye.

LG OLED TV is the best choice
for an ideal HDR experience
To display the high level of contrast created
by High Dynamic Range(HDR), TV must be able to
represent the widest contrast range possible

Only LG OLED TV delivers Perfect Black and infinite contrast by turning on and off
the pixels independently. As such, OLED represents the pinnacle display technology for HDR content.

Advanced HDR content deserves the most advanced TV technology.
A whole new category of TV, the award-winning LG OLED TV generates Perfect Black
that previously unattainable with conventional LED TVs.
If a TV does not support multiple types of High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats, it is only halfway to being the HDR experience

HDR content is now being produced in both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. In order to deliver the most complete HDR experience, the LG OLED HDR supports both types of high dynamic range technology.

OLED HDR supports Dolby Vision,
which optimizes contrast ratio in every scene

As every scene has its own range of light and dark, individualized contrast should be applied.
HDR10 does not customize every scene,
but Dolby Vision applies an optimized process to each scene to fulfil the creator’s vision.

Generic HDR10 Advanced Dolby Vision
Major Hollywood studios prefer Dolby Vision,
which OLED HDR supports

Dolby Vision delivers higher-quality pictures as intended by individually processing over 170,000 frames within a two-hour film.
An evidence for this is that the 2016 Oscar® winner for Cinematography, The Revenant, used the magic of Dolby Vision.

LG OLED HDR, certified as Ultra HD Premium,
offers premium picture quality with infinite contrast

Not all 4K TVs are the same. The ULTRA HD PREMIUM certification ensures
the highest standard for the TV picture quality. The technology of OLED TV serves
as the perfect canvas to project this highest quality.