Mobile Phones initially started as a basic medium of communication but today they have become a very important part of everyone’s life. A user checks their smartphone about 150 times a day. It’s the preferred mode for social networking, entertainment, photo/videography, social networking, information gathering, shopping, and reading.

Every now and then new smartphones with great technology keep on introducing. LG being a true innovator brings its users Dual Screen Phones that make multi-tasking easy. Both the LG G8XThinQ and LG Wing are designed to create a whole new way to multitask, enjoy content and socialize on mobile.

LG has equipped the phones with its most advanced camera features and technologies yet, to offer next-level videography experiences. 

The Dual Screen phones let consumers be as productive as they can be, quickly and easily. Whether texting a friend while watching a video, updating fantasy football while researching stats, sharing and comparing while online shopping, or writing an email while referencing a presentation, consumers can navigate, research, communicate, and more across two screens simply and efficiently.

Features of LG G8X ThinQ

360 Free stop Hinge

With a free stop hinge, users can flip the screen around or lock it in place at any angle. Fold it like a laptop, use it in stand mode or do a full 360 flip and place it in tent mode for a versatile viewing experience.

Dual Screen Support

One screen or two, you choose. With full compatibility and support for an added dual screen, you can choose to tailor your phone to any situation, now or in the future. Keep all your options wide open.

16.25cm (6.4) OLED FullVision Display

The 16.25cm (6.4) OLED Fullvision display has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, with a concealed advanced fingerprint reader, is artfully placed within the streamlined frame. Not only does it stand out for its stylish looks, but for its huge phone experience,too.

Optimal Web Browsing

Omni task in style. The dual-screen lets you make the most of the Whale web browser’s features. Look at a webpage on one screen, and see extra details or translations on the other while reading articles, shopping, and more.

Smart Keyboard

Dedicate a whole screen to what you type with the LG Smart Keyboard. Write out emails using the dual-screen as your keyboard, or read friend’s messages on one screen while relying on the other.

LG GamePad

One screen to game, one screen to control. Turn your mobile gaming up a notch with a dual-screen experience that makes any game more immersive. The LG GamePad gives you a complete view of your game on one screen and a full controller on the other. Make gameplay even more fun with a specialized skin for your favorite game.

Dual Video Call

Squeeze all your friends into video calls. Now, fully see yourself on one screen and everyone else on the other. Monitor how you look and see every expression while engaging with loved ones.


AI Action Shot

Keep-up with the action. Whether it’s kids on swings or cars on the track, capture crisp, sharp, and clear photos of fast-moving subjects. AI Action Shot automatically adjusts the ISO and shutter speed to minimize photo blur.

Stereo Sound

The 2.4W audio is distributed evenly across both sides of the phone for perfect stereo sound. Go on a truly, immersive journey whenever you watch videos on your phone.

Features of LG Wing

Swivel Mode

The most transformative smartphone experience ever. Swivel from a sleek mobile to a brand new form that redefines multi-viewing and multitasking. See apps both horizontally and vertically for a new level of intuitiveness never reached by any other phone before.

Extended App Experience

Swivel up for even more functions. The gimbal mode is more than a video stabilizer with the Second Screen – it looks, and acts exactly like a gimbal. Watch a video on the Main Screen using the screen below as your personal remote control. Film from both sides using Dual Recording. And, scroll through your gallery with the carousel on one screen and the full-sized photos on another.

Gimbal Motion Camera

Gimbal Motion Camera gives you a whole suite of videography functions with Gimbal Mode, Dual Recording, Time-lapse Control, and Slow Motion. Capture exciting and versatile footage with unrivaled steadiness, even when you and your friend are moving through the scene.

Innovative Camera System

The phone is a creator’s paradise. 64M captures vivid details, 13M Ultra-Wide fits the whole scene in a single shot, and the dedicated 12M Ultra-Wide Gimbal Motion Camera keeps everything nice and smooth. 32M Pop Up Camera hides away when not in use, and then rises up into action when you hit selfie mode.

4,000mAh Battery

A battery that keeps up with your productivity. With 4,000mAh you can leave your charger at home. Do twice as much all day, and still have hours of power before bed.

With such amazing features, Dual Screen Phones are a must-have! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these multi-tasking phones!