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One point Lesson– “OLED TV Module Stain Judgment Guide”

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  • Last Updated 05/02/2016

Subject : One point Lesson– “OLED TV Module Stain Judgment Guide”

symptom Symptom

How to judge of stain mark on OLED TV screen is normal or abnormal .



cause Cause

This stain  is some times due to packing issue & some times by mishandling of the product . First try to erase with soft cloth if not visible than ok. Other wise follow the complete process of Stain judgment.



how to fix How to fix

Surround condition is less than 2000 Lux it is checked by Luxmeter download from play store, Distance : 1 meter, TV power : Off condition. From front: Stain visible or not

Check also from Right/Left angle(89˚).



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