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LGH818 (G5) - What is Quick Charge funtion in G5

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  • Last Updated 07/30/2016

Quick Charge 3.0 :

Quick charge 3.0 is a technology developed by Qualcomm & is available only a few high end Qualcomm Chipsets

G5 being once such handset, supports quick charging 3.0. With this technology G5 can charge faster than normal handsets.

G5 Combined with its USB Type-C port can get charged up to 80% in about 35 minutes.

Quick Charge works in combination with a "Quick Charge" adaptor to pride blazing fast charging speeds.

A typical quick charge adaptor will have two voltage outputs namely 5.0 V & 9.0 V

e.g. G5 Adaptor provides 5.0 V & 9.0 V voltage outputs @ 1.8A current

Note :

Quick Charge adaptor will charge handsets not supporting "Quick Charge Qualcomm Chipset" at normal speeds  

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