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Why is water not dispensed? (Plumbing Model)

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  • Last Updated 07/06/2018


Why is water not dispensed?



Symptom Symptom


             1. Water is not dispensed.


Cause Reason


            1. Failure of input water supply is usually caused when water line valve is turned off.

            2. If Dispenser Keys are locked

            3. Filter is choked/blocked

            4. Water pipes to the Refrigerator are kinked/bent

            5. If water only sputters out  


How to fix How to fix


             1. Make sure the water supply valve is open, check if the tube is bent.


               Water supply valve

                                                     [Water supply valve]



             2. Check if display keys are locked then unlock to operate Dispenser



             3. Check the Filter Status Indicator. If is ON then filter needs replacement.

                 Every Filter has a filtration capacity (between 1600 to 1900Ltrs) based on its type.

                 Once it has been consumed the same needs to be replaced.

                 Call LG Toll Free for Filter Replacement.



 Note: Display type may vary from model to model hence check appropriately in your unit. 


             4. Check if the pipes supplying water to the Refrigerator are not kinked/bent.

                 Kinked or leaking water lines will reduce water pressure. Straighten any kinks/bent in the pipes.


             5. If the water is sputtering, rather than flowing out in a steady stream, there is air in the water lines.

                 To flush out the air bubbles, press and hold a glass to the dispenser and run water until the sputtering stops.

                 It can take a few minutes, so keep running water until it stops.



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