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Pocket Photo PD233- Print Quality is not Good

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  • Last Updated 09/16/2013

How to improve the print quality of the Photo:


Print quality can be bad because of the two reasons


1. The resolution of the image to be printed may be lesser than 1280x2448

     Make sure it is more than 1280x2448


2. The colors of the photo can be bad due to Calibration issue

     To calibrate the printer, insert the Smart sheet with Bar code side down & print

     When the Smart sheet passes through the printer, it calibrates the printer for best

     qality pictures



Also the above symptoms can be resolevd by printing the Smart Sheet


Plz note that, Smart Sheet supplied with the pack of 10 sheets has to be used for those 10

sheets only.

Once the 10 sheets are printed, then the printer has to be again calibrated using the Smart

sheet supplied with the other pack. 


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