Caring Choices Make a Real Difference

Live Mindfully: Upcycle, Refresh, Revive

Step into Jane's World, Where Choices Reflect Care

Jane is the queen of upcycling and recognizes the untapped potential in discarded clothes. Your closet too could contain clothes with infinite possibilities… Shall we take a look?

The Environmental Story Behind Your Wardrobe

Did you know that 92 million tons of textile waste are generated every year? By simply looking after your clothes better, wearing them for longer or acting like Jane and reviving their usefulness through upcycling, you can help the environment. It’s all about adopting the mindful #CareForWhatYouWear mindset, a principle that LG is proud to endorse.

The Environmental Story Behind Your Wardrobe

Discover the Hidden Delights of Mindful Wearing

A girl holding a sweater

Reduce Waste, Recreate!

Uncontrolled textile waste harms the global environment, but unworn, unwanted clothing offers boundless, creative potential for re-use. Don’t just discard your cast-off clothes - unleash your imagination to breathe new life into them. Get ready to harness your creativity, revive your wardrobe and reduce the environmental footprint of your clothes.

A girl holding a box of clothes

Denim Transformation: Pet Play!

Why not turn worn-out jeans into a fun tug-toy for a furry friend? A few simple cuts and braids will breathe fresh life into old favourites - and delight your pet with a new plaything. Let’s get started on the upcycling journey and keep discarded clothing in active usage!

A girl using a sewing machine

Conscious Lifestyle, Longer Lasting Clothes

Cherish Your Precious Clothes

Discover the Secret to Keeping Your clothes Fresh for Longer with AIDD

A Fast and Powerful Clean

Cut laundry time with no reduction in performance. Experience the speed and efficiency of TurboWash

The Right Choice for a Healthier Life

Sanitizing clothes is as important as washing your hands. Keep clothes pristine with LG Styler.

Care for Your Clothes

Revive your wardrobe with the gentle touch of TrueSteam

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