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LG V30ThinQ's elegant design, smooth user interface and impressive camera won over many fans old and new. Now, the Android 8.0 Oreo software update will further enhance the excellence of the LG V30ThinQ as LG's ThinQ AI technology comes to life. You’ll be left feeling like you have a new smartphone camera with state-of-the-art upgrades.

So how exactly does this software update upgrade your smartphone? Let's start with the camera, which was in a class of its own with LG amongst the first to pioneer the dual lens. The ThinQ-powered AI technologies, coupled with the already incredible hardware, enhances the capabilities of the camera. It is no longer just a simple picture taking device, but a powerful tool that can simplify your life.  



You may not be a professional photographer, but you’ll get there quicker with the LG V30ThinQ. Think of the AI CAM as your personal photography guru helping you improve your picture quality with every shot. When you frame your shot, the AI CAM is able to recognize and analyse your subjects and recommends the ideal shooting mode with alternative colour grades. 


The QLens is an image detection tool that will change the way you use your camera for good. Ever wanted to know more about the object you're looking at? Use the Visual Search function on the Qlens and take a snap of said object. You'll find an abundance of information on it with help from Pinterest. Use the Visual Shopping function to simplify your shopping experience so you can easily locate and purchase items on Amazon just by taking a picture of the object. The QR Code scanner is also available on the Qlens.

Bright Mode

Pictures taken in low light situations can miss important details. Now your camera will automatically detect low lighting and make sure you get a picture with more brightness, giving you a clearer view of your object. 

LG Software Upgrade Centre

Looking for even more upgrades? LG can support you from their new Software Upgrade Centre in South Korea. The facility provides customers across the globe with fast smartphone operating systems and software updates, ensuring you receive the same level of quality service no matter where you are.

Once your LG V30ThinQ is upgraded from the Android 7.1.2, you will be in possession of a mind-boggling tool that will enrich and simplify your life. Go ahead. Unleash your LG V30ThinQ.

An image of showing the process of android 8.0 oreo update from lg v30 device.
An image of showing the process of android 8.0 oreo update from lg v30 device.

Life’s good!