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LG Homebrew at IFA 2019: Brewing beer smartly


LG Homebrew

Like beer? Then you’ll love the LG Homebrew. On show at IFA 2019, this concept product takes the work out of home brewing.


Have you ever dreamed of brewing your own beer? Or is that a ridiculous question with an obvious answer? Because for most beer enthusiasts, amateur or otherwise, the idea of pouring a refreshing pint of their very own brew is what dreams are made of.


Turning this dream into a reality can be tricky though, which is why many people are put off the idea of brewing their own beer at home. After all, to create a brilliantly tasting beer yourself, you need a beautifully balanced blend of ingredients, a lot of patience and all the right equipment. And it is these challenges which have made homebrewing an expensive, time-consuming and altogether difficult process.


But take heart, because things might be about to get a lot easier. At IFA, LG is looking at how we can change the future of homebrewing with the LG Homebrew – with state-of-the-art technology that makes brewing your own premium quality beer from the comfort of your own home fast and simple.


It’s just a concept product for now, but if you can’t make it to IFA, here’s how it works, and why it showcases the limitless boundaries of smart technology.

Automated beer brewing (yes really).


With the Homebrew you can sit back, relax and near-enough let the beer brewing take care of itself. Simply place your single-use capsules - of either malt or yeast, hop oil and flavouring - into the machine which will automate the entire beer brewing process - from carbonation and ageing, right through to serving and cleaning. The only thing you really need to commit to doing is drinking it. But how hard can that be?

Automated beer

How does the Homebrew work?

It’s nearly as simple as using a coffee machine. First, fill the Homebrew with the right amount of water. Next, place your yeast or malt, hop oil and flavouring capsules in to start the fermentation process - the machine will automatically make sure this happens in the right way, so you don’t need to worry. Then, at the end of the process, in the tap of a button and depending on which beer you choose to brew, you can add bubbles to give your creation a refreshing zing. From here, simply pour and enjoy.


How long does it take to brew beer?


The ingredients need to ferment for around a fortnight. LG didn’t want to sacrifice taste by hurrying the process up too much, preferring to allow the beer to age to perfection.


Generally speaking, beer is usually left to mature for around one or two months. But by adjusting the temperature and improving the yeast quality, LG makes the magic happen faster. By using only the finest ingredients in capsules, the brewing time can be cut in half without compromising on quality.


Granted, it’s not as quick as ordering a beer in your local, but there’s nothing quite like tasting your own brew - up to five litres of it in a single batch to be precise.

Is it really better than homebrewing yourself?


When talking about the ease in which you can brew a brilliant beer, then yes. LG’s technology makes all the difference, with the Homebrew smart enough to keep precise temperature and pressure throughout the brewing process thanks to its optimized fermentation algorithm.


There’s also the added benefit of not needing to sanitize and prepare the equipment or clean up after yourself. The Homebrew even self-cleans - surely a good enough reason to convince your other half that brewing beer in the kitchen is a good idea.

What type of beer can I brew with Homebrew?


The Homebrew caters for a number of tastes. From a hoppy American IPA and a golden Pale Ale that rivals craft beer, to refreshing Czech Pilsner and zesty Belgian-style Witbier, choose the beer which takes your fancy. There’s even a full-bodied English stout flavour, for those of you with a more acquired taste.


Are there any other cool features?


The app. Through LG’s free mobile app, you can check in on the progress of your beer wherever you are. Having friends over for drinks at the weekend? Thanks to this nifty companion, you’ll know whether or not your brew will be ready in time to quench your thirst when Saturday arrives.

When will the Hombrew be available?


There’s no official word yet on the release date, and for now Homebrew is simply a concept product. Keep your eyes peeled to LG Magazine for updates.

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