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At MWC 2017 in Barcelona, people had the opportunity to witness the much-anticipated LG G6 - the latest addition to the LG smartphone family - which has been enhanced and customised to maximise the advantages of the device’s super wide display. The LG G6 comes with a 5.7-inch QHD+ FullVision® display: a very big screen that is 71.9mm in width – even slimmer than devices that have a width of 5.5”. The body has an 18:9 screen aspect ratio that covers 80% of the phone size. The LG G6 was designed to ensure maximum comfort and compatibility for handling both existing and future digital content. This incredible smartphone offers true ergonomic design – so it fits very comfortably in your hand and comes in lavish Astro Black, Ice Platinum and Mystic White. Glass meets metal with exclusive colours and materials that are not only stunning, but match the durability of this elegant phone. The LG G6 is equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 on the back and Gorilla Glass 3 on the front.

With the LG G6, LG has initiated a whole new chapter in terms of dimensions in the smartphone industry with the world’s first mobile with a18:9 ratio display, as well as HDR 10 & Dolby Vision, making the user experience nothing less than pure luxury. You now have indescribable, immersive entertainment right in your pocket, as well as the ability to watch a wide range of videos with the LG G6’s compatibility mode. Compatibility mode allows you to optimise the screen view to perfectly fit the 18:9 ratio – without breaking the resolution of the video at all. The18:9 ratio display is also ideal for multi-tasking: it perfectly splits into 2 screens, giving your smartphone two virtual screens at the same time.

An infographic image of LG G6 highlighted spec
An infographic image of LG G6 highlighted spec

Additionally, the LG G6’s rear camera features wide-angle dual-lens technology again (single lens + wide lens), which has now been further upgraded. LG developed and introduced the very first dual-lens smartphone camera on the market and has now enhanced the technology one step further to allow anyone the joy of taking amazing photos. The selfie camera can even take wide-angle pictures with a radius of 100° – and thanks to some highly innovative technology, can be switched to standard view when desired. What’s more, the LG L6 also offers the Square Camera feature, which divides the 18:9 display into two identical perfect squares, so users can shoot images in 1:1 – which is a popular format on social media apps such as Instagram – and review them in the adjacent window. There is also a new shooting mode called Food Mode that delivers high colour quality and saturation ideal for – what else? Food! And users can create GIF files by combining up to 100 pictures in a loop (plenty more to come about the LG G6 camera, so stay tuned).

As far as user experience, the LG G6 has not only been upgraded in terms of hardware, but the user interface has been immensely enhanced to make it simpler and more intuitive. And the improvements to the camera’s user interface design make it even more user-friendly.  Another feature worth a mention is Google Assistant, LG G6 becomes your ideal personal assistant and can handle all kinds of information-gathering tasks in a myriad of languages. Plus, the battery size has been increased by 18% over the previous model (3,300mAh): it’s a very safe and durable battery that has passed a multitude of safety tests – so you can be rest assured that it will always be secure and reliable, even after fast-charging (more details coming soon). Another amazing feature: IP68. The LG G6 is the first LG smartphone with the IP68 protection standard; with this water and dust resistant feature, you’ll never shy away from taking your phone with you anywhere – even out in the pouring rain! All in all, the new LG G6 is a smartphone with ultimate user convenience and productivity.  MWC 2017 is going to be very exciting, so stayed tuned!

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