How to Get the most from
your laptop battery

You might use your laptop for lots of power hungry processes, like video calling family, hosting online meetings and working on big creative projects in your home office. Our lives demand a lot of our laptops, making battery life even more important. Learn how to get the most from your laptop battery with our helpful guide.

What is
Laptop battery life?

Laptop battery life is the time your laptop takes to run out of power when it is not plugged into an electricity socket. It’s one of the most important considerations you’ll make when choosing a laptop, alongside screen size and processor. Battery life is much better on modern laptops as most will get you through the working day, while some provide round-the-clock power and performance.

How battery life is worked out

Battery life is worked out by fully charging a laptop then leaving it running until the battery is flat. Manufacturers and reviewers measure battery life under different conditions and publish the results online. They may play high-definition video until the battery runs out, for example.

This is known as battery benchmark testing. Such testing is performed on laptops with new batteries – fully charged and in perfect condition. Once you’ve been regularly using a laptop for many months, the battery life can reduce.

People also talk about battery life in another way. The actual lifecycle of the battery itself or the number of years you can expect it to run.

The LG Gram laptop on a desk

What reduces
Laptop battery life?

Many things reduce your laptop battery life, from the age of your laptop to its specification and the way you use it. What drains a laptop battery fastest? The screen and how it’s set up is the biggest issue. Factors affecting your laptop’s battery life average include:

Screen brightness

The energy used to light your screen drains your laptop battery the fastest.

Laptop processor

Your laptop’s brain is a big drain on battery life. But the latest processors are designed to help conserve battery.

Laptop storage

Traditional hard drives, known as HDDs, use more power than SSDs – lighter, faster solid-state drives.

Size of your battery

In most cases, the bigger your laptop battery, the higher the capacity – meaning it will run for longer.

What you're connected to

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can affect your battery life, especially when you’re on the move.

Applications you're running

Some apps, such as streaming ones, drain more battery life than others.

The LG Gram laptop on a desk with someone working with headphones on
LG Gram laptop on a desk

How to increase
Laptop battery life

So, how can you make your laptop battery last longer? There are settings and features on your laptop, which can boost your battery life to ensure power doesn’t cut out when you need it most.

Change your display settings

Screen brightness is the biggest drain on battery life. Reducing the brightness can help to save your battery. Setting a darker background or theme on your laptop can also help boost battery life.

Use battery saver

In your system settings, you can switch your laptop to Battery Saver mode. This turns off some battery draining background applications, such as email pop-ups and calendar syncing.

Adjust the power settings

There are various features which could be affecting your battery life, from sleep mode to screensavers. The easiest way to identify the biggest culprits is to run a power troubleshoot in your settings.

Plug in 'til fully charged

The simplest way to get the most from your battery is to plug your laptop into the mains socket and wait until the external power has fully charged your laptop before unplugging.

Switch to airplane mode

If you’re just using Microsoft Office for work, switch your laptop to airplane mode to disconnect from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The LG Gram laptop in a workplace

Laptops with the
Best battery life

Laptop battery life varies between different types of laptop.
Some have enough to keep you going through the working day, others much less.

Premium laptops, like LG gram, can offer up to 19.5 hours’ battery life from one charge. When browsing for a new laptop, look out for the battery type. 4-cell lithium ion batteries will deliver a longer battery cycle than 3 or 2-cell batteries.

Benefits of laptops with long battery life

Whether you commute, or are working in different rooms at home, choosing a laptop with a long battery life has plenty of benefits, including:

Work all day

From hosting calls in your home office to following a guided recipe in the kitchen, a long battery life means you can easily do tasks from anywhere.

Travel light

A longer battery life means you won’t need to keep plugging in when moving between rooms or travelling to the office and client meetings.

Higher performance

With up to 19.5 hours, you can stream videos, use editing software and load multiple apps – without worrying about running out of charge.

The LG Gram laptop with editing software open
LG Gram being used on the go

Intel processors and
Laptop battery life

Choosing a more powerful processor used to mean shorter battery life. To achieve higher performance and quicker response times, laptops would need more power from your battery.

Everything has changed. Now you can choose between many laptops with long battery life.

Lots of this is to do with tech advancements inside the laptop. Take the processor, known as your laptop’s brain.

Intel® Core™ processors are released in generations, with big improvements each time. And the latest generations, including the recent 11th Gen, are designed to deliver high performance while enabling long battery life.

What does this mean in real life? Well, the processor recognises when you are doing something demanding – running multiple apps, for example – and redirects more power towards that task, reducing power use elsewhere.

Laptops with the new Intel® Evo™ badge like LG gram, guarantee at least 9 hours battery life* on Full HD displays for working anywhere.

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