Laptop RAM And Storage explained

Choosing the best laptop RAM and storage for you is important. Especially if you're a busy multi-tasker - working from home while holding video calls, spreadsheeting while online shopping or streaming Spotify while editing video. Learn how RAM and storage can help you get things done faster and read tips on choosing the right options for you.

What's the difference
Between laptop memory and storage?

Laptop memory and storage are often thought interchangeable. But they are quite separate. RAM helps your computer to perform everyday tasks, such as loading applications. It also boosts multitasking, remembering your place in one application when you move to another. Storage covers how much stuff your laptop can hold – and also how fast it can do things.


This is the amount of capacity the laptop has for storing documents, photos, movies and programs long term. Storage is measured based on the size of the hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) in gigabytes (GB).


The amount of memory a laptop has refers to how fast you can access data stored in the short-term. This is measured by the size of the RAM. For a laptop to open a document or load an application quickly, it relies on more memory.

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What is
Laptop memory?

RAM is also referred to as system memory – or just memory for short. It stands for Random Access Memory. It puts files, applications and web pages nearby for faster access. One way of looking at it is when cooking, you get the ingredients from the cupboard and place them on the kitchen worktop, within easy reach. RAM is just the same.

Why choose bigger RAM?

RAM is measured in gigabytes (GB). For the best laptop RAM, choose a bigger GB number. The more GB your laptop has, the more applications you can have open and working at once. When you don’t have enough RAM, your laptop memory becomes overloaded and overworked. With the best laptop memory, multitasking will be much easier. Work across documents, stream music and browse the web – without any noticeable slowdown.

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How much
Laptop ram do I need?

Laptops come with different sized RAM, sometimes with the ability to upgrade it for a faster performance. The larger the amount of RAM, the better it will perform. But the best amount of RAM also depends on your needs. Options include:

4GB - 6GB

The standard RAM, essential for everyday computing. Can handle basic web browsing, working on Word and Excel documents, streaming music and basic gaming. Struggles with gaming, big spreadsheets and photo editing.


Video editors, creatives, and gamers benefit from bigger RAM. Can comfortably handle everything: Heavy web browsing, big spreadsheets, photo and video editing and PC gaming.


The new benchmark for ultra-performance laptops. Runs demanding software with ease. Perfect for streaming 5K content, managing multiple projects and programs and PC gaming. The LG gram has 8GB or 16GB RAM (model dependent).

Memory speed is also important – affecting how long it takes RAM to receive and process requests. RAM speed is measured in Megahertz (MHz). The larger the number, the faster the speed.

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Available RAM sizes

2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

Laptop storage explained

Laptop storage is all about how much music, movies, documents and apps your laptop can hold. There are two main laptop storage options, both different forms of hard drives with capacity measured in GB.

HDD (hard disk drive)

Hard disk drives (HDDs) are the traditional storage methods and found in the majority of laptops. These generally have capacities from around 320GB to 2TB – though larger ones are available. However, they can be noisy and slower to load, best only if you require a lot of storage space.

SSD (solid-state drive)

Solid-state drives (SSDs) use flash storage to deliver faster read/write speeds at quieter levels. They have less space than HDDs, with capacities from about 256GB to 1TB – but your laptop loads much quicker with SSD. So programs and web pages can be viewed faster. The LG gram has 256GB to 1TB SSD (model dependent).

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Is an
SSD hard drive best?

If you’re looking a laptop that is fast, lightweight, quiet and slim, then one with an SSD hard drive is best for you. Choosing a laptop with an SSD brings benefits across design and performance. These include:

Faster loading

Turn on your laptop in seconds. Programs and web pages also load quicker for more efficient working.

Silent running

SSDs have no moving parts, with the flash storage that enables it to run silently. No more noisy distractions when you’re working to that deadline.

Tough and durable

With no small parts, SSDs are more resistant to knocks and drops. They also generate much less heat, unlike HDDs.

Slim and compact

Lightweight components and a compact size makes them easier to carry and fit into slim laptops.

Longer battery life

With no moving parts, SSDs use less power when running. This can create a longer battery life for the laptop.

Quicker at copying files (data transfer)

Faster loading times means quicker data transfer. Everything from downloading files to working in Word or browsing the web, will be noticeably quicker.

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What is the best
Laptop SSD for you?

Most premium laptops are today fitted with SSDs, so you have various options to consider. Without the compact SSD storage, the super-thin laptop designs of today wouldn’t be possible.

The best laptop SSD will depend on how much storage space you need and what you use your laptop for. While SSDs generally have less storage space than HDDs, most still have a large enough capacity for work and other daily tasks. When you deal with a huge number of large files, you can also consider adding an extra SSD.

The LG gram comes with one SSD installed and an additional slot to add another. With Dual SSD you can conveniently double your storage space without the need for an external hard drive or other storage device.

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