No one likes laundry. The more you do, the more seems to pile up! Luckily, LG created a new smart washing machine that makes laundry a breeze.

Here’s more about it, and why it’s the perfect addition to your smart home.


The LG ThinQ Washing Machine is so smart, it chooses the settings for you. 

Simply throw your clothes in and sit back. It automatically selects the best cycle based on the weight and type of fabric.

And it delivers the perfect wash every time, thanks to analyzing 20,000 different washing patterns.

You get an intelligent clean that’s gentle on the fabrics that need it most – leaving you with softer and longer lasting clothes. In fact, tests have proven that this washing machine can reduce fabric damage by 18% when compared to a conventional model*, prolonging the lifespan of your most loved clothes.

How’s that for easy?


The LG ThinQ Washing Machine has an enviable direct drive system. Since the motor connects directly to the drum, no belt is required. That makes it super powerful yet whisper-quiet.


You can do a complete load from start to finish in 39 minutes – 34% faster than the conventional TurboWash option** – just long enough to watch an episode of your favorite show. With four-directional nozzles, your clothes will be pristine in no time. 


The LG ThinQ Washing Machine gives your wardrobe a professionally-cleaned look. The Steam Refresh feature eliminates 99.9% of allergens***, like dust mites. It also fights wrinkles, so your clothes look fresh from the dry cleaner.

Convenience for the next decade

Check on your washing from anywhere using the ThinQ app on your phone. Your LG ThinQ Washing Machine is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Plus, you get peace of mind from the 10-year warranty. You’ll enjoy the very best washing machine for years to come. Now that’s smart home living.

With the powerful and convenient LG ThinQ Washing Machine, laundry might just become your favourite chore after all. 

At IFA 2019, the washing machine section featured a game where you take a trip inside the LG AI Washer A close-up of the LG AI Washer, on show at IFA 2019 | More at LG MAGAZINE
Visiting IFA 2019? Come see us!

See the LG ThinQ Washing Machine in action at Europe’s biggest consumer tech show. We’ve even got an exciting interactive game in store for when you’re here – taking you on a journey inside the smartest washing machine on the market so you can really experience how your clothes are cleaned.  

We’ll be at IFA 2019 in Berlin from 6-11 September at Hall 18. We can’t wait to show you the smart home of the future.

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Life's Good!

TurboWash 360, AI DD, and Steam Refresh are trademarks of LG Electronics, used under license.

* Tested by Intertek on Cotton cycle with 2kg load (comprsing underwear), compared to LG conventional washer. Results may differ depending on the compositon of the load and external factors.

** Tested by Intertek on TurboWash™ 39 cycle with half-load compared to conventional washer with Cotton cycle using TurboWash™ option.

*** Tested by Intertek on Cotton cycle with ‘Wrinkle Care’ option selected (load comprising three shirts), compared to Cotton cycle without ‘Wrinkle Care’ option (based on AATCC).