Where Epic Sound is Born

lg xboom go, meridian (logo)
LG XBOOM Go PL7 and PN7 bluetooth speakers are angled towards each other on separate white boxes.

Wherever you go,
sound is a big part of life.
We believe it should be epic.

LG and British audio pioneer Meridian
have come together to create
the sound you deserve.

Sound as it should be. This is XBOOM Go.

Meridian's dsp7200 is in a sound test room. On the right, LG XBOOM Go PL7 bluetooth speaker is also in a sound test room.

Authentic Sound Quality

LG XBOOM Go has teamed up with Meridian — the world’s leading high-resolution audio brand.
Get enhanced bass, clearer vocals, and the most exceptional listening experience possible.

  • Meridian's dsp7200 is in a sound test room. On the right, LG XBOOM Go PL7 bluetooth speaker is also in a sound test room.
  • There are two photos of Meridian engineers at work. The third picture is Meridian's dsp7200 on a sunny deck

Prestigious British Audio, MERIDIAN

Meridian’s rigorous and research-led philosophy has maintained their position on the limits of what’s possible
in sound.  As the Pioneer of High Resolution Audio and the Master of Digital Signal Processing (DSP),
Meridian has played an integral role in the development and adoption of pioneering technologies.

  • Digital Signal Processing image
    Digital Signal

    DSP allows absolute control over the audio signal, enabling the design of advanced technologies that can enhance the listening experience in any context.

  • Meridian Lossless (logo)
    Meridian Lossless

    Meridian has been a long-term collaborator and technology partner with Dolby. Meridian Lossless Packing technolosy is licensed to Dolby as the standard for DVD audio.

  • Master Quality Authenticated (logo)
    Master Quality

    Meridian developed MQA - the revolutionary technology for efficiently streaming music with the highest possible sound quality.

Meridian Technology in lg xboom go (logo)


(Advanced Digital Signal Processing)

Meridian are a leading authority on DSP loudspeakers – this
approach offers complete control and absolute precision
over the audio signal. The result is a sound that is both authentic
and natural, and remarkably easy to listen to.

with Meridian(logo)

High Quality EQ Modes

Meridian’s DSP technology is applied across four high quality EQ modes
so you can adapt and tailor the way you listen.

A comparison between SOUND BOOST and Standard modes. SOUND BOOST is 3~4 db higher in both low and high ranges.
Deep and intense bass for exciting
and impactful sound
Crystal clear sound for all types of listening

Meet the Balanced &
Clear Sound of LG XBOOM Go

LG XBOOM Go PL7 bluetooth speaker  with sky blue lighting is placed on a grey surface.

PL Series

Simply Stylish

Impresses the Experts

  • Video screenshot of influencer DLX Willington talking to the camera. with an accompanying quote about LG XBOOM Go.
  • Beating the
    sound quality

    “More bass to give superior full range
    sound in a compact package.”

    - Linus Tech Tips

    Global Top 10 Tech YouTuber(Subscribers 13.1M)

*Influencers are provided free LG products for their reviews.

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