Enjoy Balanced Sound Anywhere

LG XBOOM Go PN7 with magenta lighting against a blue background. with Meridian(logo) CMR logo
A top-down view of an LG XBOOM Go PN7 left woofer with magenta lighting against a white background


The collaboration with Meridian continues.
Enjoy premium quality sound, deep bass,
and rich tones every time you press play.

A top-down view of an LG XBOOM Go PN7 left woofer with magenta lighting against a white background An LG XBOOM Go PN7 with neon green lighting against a white background has a ripple effect below it to represent sound waves.


A taller and wider sound stage, enhanced vocal clarity,
and no distortion at maximum volume lets you become
fully immersed in whatever you’re listening to.

As sound boost button is pressed, there are ripples effect which represent sound waves.


Press SOUND BOOST to increase the sound power,
widen the sound field, and inject some life into your music.

Two speakers with green neon light face opposite, and its woofers on their side is shaking based on its beats

Dual Action Bass

See the bass in action as the woofers
vibrate with party-starting beats.

Front side of the speaker has multi color lighing. The light changes its colors.

Multi-Colour Lighting

Colourful LED lights flash in sync with the beat
to add a bit of extra mood to your music.

Two speakers with red light are displayed at an acute 45 degree angle to the screen on a white background
Enjoy Balanced Sound
LG XBOOM Go (logo)
Girl with her back turned is holding a LG Xboom standing in an open field near sunset.

Grab & Go

This is sound you can take with you.
The convenient handle on LG XBOOM Go PN7
gives you the freedom to take the fun
wherever you go.

Pictures come up sequentially. Picture with a man skateboading holds a LG Xboom. Then the other picture comes up, two women sitting and listening to Xboom outdoor in an open area. Another picture comes up, Xboom is displayed on the table outdoor. The background seems city at night.
PN7 product shot with green light is displayed with day time sky in the background. It changes into night sky.

All-day Battery Life

24-hour battery life lets you enjoy quality sound for longer,
wherever you go, without needing to charge.

* 24-hour battery life is based on using 50% volume and no lighting.
** Other conditional factors may affect battery life.

IPX5 Water Resistance

IPX5 means your speaker will keep on working if it gets wet,
so you can keep on enjoying yourself.

* IPX5 protects against dust and low-pressure water jet spray from any direction.

Party Link

Multiply the music and turn up the fun
with the capability to wirelessly link up to
one hundred LG XBOOM Go PN7.

PN7 product background

Bluetooth Surround
with Compatible LG TV

Easily connect two LG XBOOM Go PN7 models to your LG TV
to enjoy immersive surround sound while watching your favorite content.

Two LG XBOOM Go PN7s with sky blue lighting are in front of a TV. A circular wave of blue light connects all three products.

* Speakers have to be the same model.
** Only available from 2020 on OLED, NanoCell, and UHD models

Voice Command

Press the play button for two seconds,
speak to activate Google Assistant
on your Android™ phone or Siri on iOS,
then play your music, podcasts, and more.

Play next song

Balanced & Clear Sound

Choose Your LG XBOOM Go

An LG XBOOM Go PL7 and PL5 with magenta lighting, and PL2 without lighting are placed in a lineup.
Meridian Technology O O
Sound Modes DTS Stereo Plus, SOUND BOOST DTS Stereo Plus, SOUND BOOST
Amplifier Dual Action Bass Dual Action Bass
Voice Command O O
Sound Output 30W 20W
Battery Life 24 hrs 24 hrs
Waterproof IPX5 IPX5
Size (WxHxD)mm 333 x 127 x 163 224 x 98 x 125