LG XBOOM360 RP4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Front angle with yellow lighting on

An image of a woman sitting on a sofa listening to music with an XBOOM 360 in front of her.

Image of sound waves spreading around XBOOM 360 lying on the floor of a minimal living room space.

Hear authentic 360° omnidirectional sound

XBOOM 360 is a stunning piece of audio engineering that will change the way you experience sound. Wherever you place the speaker, LG's sound techonlogy combined with a conical body shape fills your entire space with natural and consistently high-quality, omnidirectional audio.

Image of a yellow-lit XBOOM 360 with green arrows on the left and right sides of the reflector and sound waves spreading around the arrow.

Authentic 360 sound with LG's patented technology

Conventional speakers with multiple drivers disperse sound within a limited degree of space. Sound outside of those parameters can have uneven pressure and may become distorted. Which means, to fully enjoy the sound, you will have to be positioned in a specific sweet spot. LG has applied its new patented technology of optimal reflector structure to counteract these distortions. This allows the sound to disperse farther in every direction across your space. You no longer have to move around to find the listening sweet spot, it will bring the closest recreation of the original sound right to your ears wherever you may be.

An image that compares the sound wavelengths of conventional directional sound and conventional omnidirectional sound with the sound wavelengths of LG's Authentic omnidirectional sound.

*Patent pending : PCT/KR2020/012965, PCT/KR2021/009440,2021-0093216

**Omnidirectional sound by speaker with multiple drivers

***Directivity pattern horizontal test was conducted by LG internally (in laboratory contidion)

Clear treble and rich bass made of premium sound units

Clear treble and rich bass made of premium sound units

Beneath the beautiful exterior of XBOOM 360 with premium sound units, A titanium tweeter expresses accurate, and detailed treble while the glass fiber woofer creates rich, and dynamic bass, delivering high quality sounds overall.
Image showing the Titanium twitter unit at the top of XBOOM 360.
Clear Treble

Titanium Tweeter

The compression horn tweeter compresses
high notes and powerfully disperses them in 360
degrees. With its good rigidity, the solidified diaphragm
is able to produce clearer high-pitched sound
vibrating 10,000 times per second (10kHz)
without damaging the material.
Image showing Glass fiber woofer unit in the middle of XBOOM 360.
Rich Bass

Glass Fiber Woofer

The 5.25-inch woofer made of a lighter material
with good elasticity produces dynamic low-end
and cleaner vocals.
Image showing bass duct at the bottom of XBOOM 360.
Deep Bass

Bass Duct

The structure of the duct delivers deep
bass and rich, detailed sound.
Image of XBOOM 360 standing yellow in an outdoor swimming pool. An image of XBOOM 360 standing behind a woman and a man looking at the sunset night sky. Image of XBOOM 360 standing yellow in the back left side of a woman enjoying a party.

See emotive 360° lighting that transforms the mood

Whether you need to relax, meditate of party, there's a lighting mode to suit your mood.

Designed with spatial lighting experts

XBOOM 360 lighting - inspired by everyday life, festivals, and nature - is designed to reflect the passage of time while creating the right ambiance for every moment. Each lighting mode finely adjusts colours, illuminance, and colour temperature to provide audio-visual immersion in harmony with your listening enviroments.

Image of XBOOM 360 that lights up on a shelf in a dark room. A copy of "light designated as a visualization of time" is posted on the image.

Light up your every moments with 9 presets

3 modes of mood lighting offer 9 presets with different lighting styles. Set up the mood with the selection of lighting presets and elevate your diverse lifestyle moments.
Mobile phone image with the APP screen on in ambient mode. The images include images of women sitting on beds reminiscent and stretching, women looking at the sunset, and women taking a break reading books.



Light from the everyday life that provides a comfortable rest.

Mobile phone image with the APP screen on in nature mode. An image of a beach setting in the sunset. An image of a sunlit forest. The image of light shining under the clear sea.



Light from the nature that gives emotional stability.

Mobile phone image with the APP screen on in party mode.ilhouette images of people dancing in clubs. The image of a woman wearing colourful party clothes. The night view of the city colored by neon colours.



Light from the famous festivals that gives the best party atmosphere.

A GIF image in which the reflector of the XBOOM 360 placed on the floor of the room changes to the same colour depending on the colour movement of the cell phone screen.

Download the App to custom your light

Use the XBOOM app to customize 360° lighting. Choose from 16.8 million colors to enhance your immersion and elevate daily moments every time you listen to music.
Image of the XBOOM 360 with sculptures on a shelf in a wood-toned interior background.

Feel aesthetic 360 design that elevates your space

This isn't just a speaker, it's a beautiful addition to your home. XBOOM 360 is designed to add warmth and sophistication to your space. Its conical shape brings an air of stability, while stylish colors add aesthetic beauty that blends harmoniously with a variety of interiors and living situations.

No Backlight Necessary

Pixels reachest their brightest, most brilliant potential when they stand alone and shine without the dull glow of a backlight.

Hình ảnh loa XBOOM 360 đặt trên sàn phòng khách với phong cách trang trí Woodton. Hình ảnh loa XBOOM 360 đặt trên thảm đỏ. Hình ảnh loa XBOOM 360 phản chiếu trên một tấm gương được đặt cạnh ghế sofa màu be. Đây là video GIF căn phòng với nội thất 3 màu không có sản phẩm rồi quay trở lại.

Image of a woman touching the exterior of a burgundy-colored XBOOM 360 product.

Touch of fabric that complements your home

XBOOM 360 is like a piece of premium furniture, providing a warm feel and modern aesthetic that complements your home decor. Available in Burgundy, Blue Green, Beige and Charcoal.

*Colours of product may have a differnet launch schedule. Available colours may vary by country.

An image of a woman carrying a product to the terrace to represent the portability of the XBOOM 360.

Grab and Go

An aluminum handle enhances mobility and convenience, with a sturdy grip that makes it easy to move. And with a built-in battery that last 10 hours, feel free to move around and experience the joy for longer.

*Actural battery life varies depending on network connectivity and lighting usage.

Download the XBOOM App and bring the DJ for home party

Save the night with a variety of DJ sound effects all on your smartphone!
Mobile phone on xboom app screen and XBOOM 360 product on warm background.

How to boost your 360 sound experience with the App

Home Living

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All Spec




Wireless party link (Twin mode)


Upgrade Manager (FOTA)


Bluetooth App (Android/iOS)




Battery Indicator


Security lock




247.5 x 514 x 247.5 mm

Carton Box

325 x 613 x 325 mm


Number of Channels


Output Power



Power-on mode


Stand-by mode



Woofer Unit

5.25" x 1

Tweeter Unit Size

1" x 1

Tweeter Unit Type

Compression Horn


Net Weight

5.8 kg

Gross Weight

10.2 kg


Warranty Card


AC Adaptor



Battery Charging time (Hrs)


Battery Life (Hrs)






Yes (USB)


Yes (USB)




AC Adaptor Jack



Bluetooth Version




Aux in (3.5Φ)





Custom EQ(App)












Bass Blast




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Front angle with yellow lighting on


LG XBOOM360 RP4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker