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So how do I use these Dual Play glasses when playing games?

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  • Last Updated 20/08/2014

Dual Play uses the 3D function in order to allow two expand split screen games to full screen for each player. You will need the

Dual Play glasses (model number AG-F310DP, not supplied with all models) in order to use this function. Only games

that support either a top/bottom or side/side split screen two player modes will work. You need to be eye level with the TV

as this will affect the quality of the image. To set Dual Play up you must do the following:

  • Start the game and select the two player mode
  • Select characters etc. and start the game
  • Once in the game the customer must pause and press the Settings button
  • Once in the Settings menu they will need to scroll down and select the option for “ Others
  • When in "Others" , they will need to scroll down to Dual Play and press OK
  • A new window will appear giving the customer two choices
  • They will need to tick the option (either top/bottom or side/side) that relates to the game they are playing
  • Once they have selected the correct mode, they will need to exit the Settings menu and press the Home button
  • They will then need to select " My Apps" and then select the App for Dual Play

        Please make sure that the game console is set to the highest resolution available. Remember Dual Play will split the image, if the

image is being sent as a resolution that is too small the TV will not be able to recognise the signal. This will cause issues with you not

being able to access the Dual Play option. Smart TVs will give you an error to say that the option is not available, where

as the none Smart TVs will have the option greyed out and un-selectable.


NOTE: You cannot get around this step by pressing the 3D button and selecting the related 3D mode.


-      Once selected you will get a message saying "Dual Play on" and then you can then exit the home screen and go back to the game.


        Please note that 3D TVs that support Dual Play will differ as they do not have apps. In order to use Dual Play on one of these

models you will need to press the 3D button. You will then be met with an extra option along side the regular 3D

options. This will be listed as Dual Play. Steps 1-8 however are still the same.


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