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I'm thinking of moving my LG TV to another country, is there anything I should know?

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  • Last Updated 19/05/2015

I'm thinking of moving my LG TV to another country, is there anything I should know?


Checkpoint Checkpoint


When moving a TV to another country there are several things to take into consideration. Ideally we would recommend that a customer

buys a TV in the country they are intending to use it in.


Tuner: Different countries work off different signals. All UK specification units have a PAL-I tuner built in them. This would mean that

if you were to take a UK TV to another country the signal would also need to be PAL-I in order for it to pick up channels. Without a

compatible signal


Smart: Customers will be unable to pick up Smart functions outside of the UK. The TV’s work on a geographical based IP service, to

put this plainly this means that they know where they are. Customers will not be able to access BBC iPlayer and the likes if they are

outside the UK.


Voltage: Different countries will have different voltage requirements. Customers need to investigate this before moving a TV. Some

models will be able to support a range of different voltages (check the spec) but others will need either a step up or step down

transformer to be able to cope with the change.

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