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What are the 'additional settings' on my smart TV?

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  • Last Updated 09/06/2015

What are the 'additional settings' on my smart TV?



function Function


The additional settings allow you to choose more detailed settings for the picture of your TV. The settings can be changed depending on the input signal, video mode etc. However, there functions are as follows: 


Remove noise

  - Remove noise (these are unwanted coloured dots and specks that appear when they shouldn't be there) in the image.


Remove MPEG noise

  - Remove noise created when making digital video signal.


Black label

  - Using  the darkness (black label) of screen, revise the  brightness and contrast of screen to have the appropriate black label.


Real cinema

  - Maintain the best quality of screen when watching a movie.


Dazzle prevention

  - [Not applicable on all models] Adjust the brightness of screen to prevent dazzle.


Video dazzle prevention

  - [Not applicable on all models] Reduces power consumption by adjusting the brightness according to the movement on screen. Does not work with 3D video.



set up Set up


You can find these settings here:

Smart home è Setting è Picture è Picture mode è Additional Settings




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