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How can I control what information is transmitted to LG?

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  • Last Updated 04/06/2015

How can I control what information is transmitted to LG?

checkpoint Checkpoint

It is important to LG to give Smart TV users greater control over whether certain information is transmitted to and used by LG. Our new Smart TV Terms of Use and privacy policies were drafted with that goal in mind. They are separate agreements relating to such things as personalised advertising and viewing information.

setup Set up

If you don’t want personalised ads to be shown on your Smart TV, or if you don’t want information about the programs that are viewed through your TV to be transmitted to LG, all you have to do is decline the Personalised Advertising and Viewing Information agreements. That’s true even if you agree to the general Smart TV Privacy Policy. Of course, if you want even less information to be transmitted, you always have the choice to decline the general privacy policy.


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