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Details of the LG Content Store on your LG webOS TV

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  • Last Updated 03/07/2015

Details of the LG Content Store on your LG webOS TV


how to use How to use LG Content Store


             You can quickly and conveniently browse for TV shows, movies, and more to watch immediately. 
             You can also download and use apps from various categories such as education, entertainment, lifestyle, news, and games.

             1. Press the home button on the remote control and select option in the bottom right corner of the screen.

             2. Launches LG Content Store.


                 lg contents store


             ● This feature is only available in certain countries.

             ● Features may be limited in certain countries.

             ● Content may differ depending on the model or country.

             ● Exercise caution when in use by children. Children may have access to inappropriate online content through this product.
            You can block inappropriate online content by restricting access to some apps such as the Internet Browser.
            Restrictions can be set inhome  settings   advanced settings Safety.

             Recommended Content on the Main Screen

             The main screen of the LG Content Store shows the most popular content for each category. 
             Select any content to view its details.

             ● Internet connection is required to use this feature.


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