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There's no audio coming from my TV

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  • Last Updated 27/05/2016

There's no audio coming from my TV

 Things to check:

Please check below details if TV has video but no audio.

1. TV sound volume -  is it set to “0” ?

2. Is the TV is set to “Mute“?

3. Is the TV speaker is set to “off” ?

※ Note: if you use a set-top box, and there is no audio although TV sound setting is normal,

also check if set-top box sound volume is set to “0”, or “Mute”.

TV mute, volume                                  Set-top box mute, volume

(bottom center or right of the screen)  (center or top of the screen)

How to fix

Check TV audio setting

[Setting menu] [Setting] [Audio] [Sound out] [TV speaker]

2012~2013 smart TV 

[Smart] or [Setting menu] [Setting] [Sound] [Sound out] [TV speaker]

 [Home] or [Setting menu] [Setting] [Advanced setting] [Sound] [Sound out] [TV speaker]

- Sound test

 2012~2013 smart TV

 [Smart] or [Setting menu] [Support] [Sound test]

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