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Why does my UHD video stop recording?

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  • Last Updated 06/05/2015

Why did my UHD (Ultra High Definition) video stop recording?

symptom Symptom

  ■ When I'm recording a UDH video, it suddenly stops recording.

cause Cause


              There is a 5 minutes recording limit in UHD (or shorter depending on camera scenario.)

            ■  An Ultra-high-definition (UHD) recording is a large size (3840 x 2160) recording. As such, it

                can cause the phone to heat up. 

               If the battery reaches a high temperature due to UHD recording, the phone power may go

                 off or may cause damage. 



how to fix How to fix


            1. FHD or HD resolution for long-time recording:

                We encourage users to use FHD (Full HD) or HD resolution for lengthy recordings


            2. Camera Scenario

              - When UHD is set, Video recording is limited for 5 minutes, due to high temperature and

                 video quality issue.

              - Pop-up notification is provided at 04:55 point of recording. (just before recording stopped.)

              - If the battery temperature reaches specific temperature during UHD recording, the camera
                app will close, and a notification will pop up. (after G3 models with UHD)

              (The specific temperature mentioned may differ depending on the models.)

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