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What is Quick Shot on my G4 camera?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2015

What is Quick Shot on my G4 camera?


Function Function


          ▶ Quick shot allows you to press the rear Volume down key twice to launch the camera and instantly take a photo.

                1. Camera will be activated with last settings. 
                2. Quick Shot can be used when the phone is in Sleep mode.
                3. You can enjoy taking photos with Quick Shot, however to access gallery you have to enter via the home screen 

 4. When the rear volume button is pressed twice with the Quick Cover on, camera will be engaged.

        Note: Only rear camera can be used with Quick Cover.

                5. Quick Shot ON/OFF setting: Go to Settings > General > Shortcut key > Quick Shot
                  take a photo instantly.
                 Quick Shot ON/OFF setting

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