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What is LG Hi-Fi Plus?

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  • Last Updated 07/04/2016


Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play

- Size (Height x Width x Thickness): 43.45 x 73.9 x 7.38 mm

- Color: Black

- Chipset: ES9028C2M + Sabre9602C

- Connectivity: USB Type C (2.0)


Hi-Fi Plus is a High-end portable High-Fidelity Digital Analog Converter (Hi-Fi DAC) and

AMP module that can be connected to the bottom of the G5 unit.

Existing music files can be played back with quality close to the original sound. DAC is capable of 32-bit output; connect audio devices such as headsets or speakers and enjoy the richness of Hi-Fi sound.


Only ringtones and alarms will sound when playing DSD (.dff, .dsf) files. Vibrating notifications are provided for new incoming messages and events.

After connecting an audio device to Hi-Fi Plus, sound settings can be adjusted in Settings > General > Accessibility > Sound.

When a different audio device is connected to G5, music can be heard through the acoustic device connected to Hi-Fi Plus, but ringtones and phone calls can not be audible.

To save battery power, disconnect audio devices when they are not in use.

USB OTG devices connected to the Hi-Fi Plus module will not be recognized.

Headsets connected to the Hi-Fi Plus module will not be recognized as an antenna. To access features such as FM Radio or DMB (for models equipped with DMB), please connect the earphones to the top part of the product.


Using the product for a prolonged period may result in elevated temperatures. Keeping the device in contact with skin for a prolonged period of time may result in low-temperature burns.

Instructions for use

After mounting the Hi-Fi Plus module, connect an audio device to enable fine volume adjustments and left–right sound balance adjustments in settings.
Enter Settings > Sounds/Notifications > 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC to access fine 75-step volume adjustment and left–right sound balance settings. These settings will be disabled if an audio device is not connected to Hi-Fi Plus.

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