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What is the save in 'HDR10' feature on my LG G7?

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  • Last Updated 03/10/2018

What is the function of saving in HDR10 format?


If you set the function of saving in HDR10 format, you can take a video in more accurate and diverse high-resolution format with a wide range of colour senses.
To save as HDR10*, activate the rear camera, and select Mode > Manual Video and enable “Save as HDR10” in settings.

 *Supported for Rear Facing Manual Video mode at 30 FPS or lower and in Cine Video mode. Not supported for Rear Facing Wide Angle Camera.




• A video will be always recorded in HDR10 format in Cine Video mode.
• If you start recording , the video will be saved in HDR10 format. (Saved
  in LG-Cine log format in V30.)
Sharing/Playing the video recorded in HDR10 format using another

              • The sharing device should support the HEVC/H.625 to play a
                HDR10 format video. Even though the code is supported, colours
                can be displayed differently if HDR display tone mapping is not

HDR10 (High Dynamic Range 10) format
Previously, each colour uses 8 bits when expressing three colours (red, blue, and green) in one colour (brightness/darkness). G7ThinQ expresses the colour sense using 10 bits.


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