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Other features of the Google Assistant key on LG G7

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  • Last Updated 17/10/2018

What is the Google Assistant key?


Your voice-activated personal assistant can control your favourite LG features too, able to perform device-specific tasks. Plus, the AI Hot Key puts the smart world at your fingertip.

Google Assistant has 32 LG Specific commands



Hey, Google…”

“Set alarm for 11:30am.”
“Stop the timer.”
“Take a wide-angle picture.”
“Take a wide-angle selfie.”
“Record a wide-angle video.”
“Open Manual Mode on camera.”
“Take a panorama shot.”
“Take a slow-motion/time lapse video.”
“Take a photo with food mode.”
“Take a photo with portrait mode.”
“Take a photo with low light mode.”
"Open camera with AI Cam."
"Do a visual search with Google Lens."
"Scan a QR Code with Google Lens."
"Save a business card with Google Lens."
"Translate a document with Google Lens.”


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