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Where can I find the IMEI and model number of my phone?

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  • Last Updated 20/05/2015


Where can I find the IMEI and model number of my phone?


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The IMEI number is a 15 digit number depending on your handset type there should be a label in one of the following two locations:


        ·         If your phone has a removable battery please look for a label underneath the main battery.

  ·         If your phone has an embedded battery (non removable battery) there should be a label on the rear cover of the handset.


The IMEI number should also be written on the outside of the original retail box the handset came in.


The IMEI number is also encoded inside the phone and can be displayed on screen by typing: 


    *#06#  (star, hash, zero, six, hash) into the dial pad of your phone.


Bring up the dial pad as if you were about to manually enter a phone number and simply type *#06# and


your IMEI number should be displayed on screen.

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