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What to do when your Washing Machine displays 'UE error' 2

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  • Washer Dryers, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 20/08/2014

UE Error 2


 If you over-load or under fill the drum (blankets, cotton cover, carpet, rug, sweater, pillow, amount of laundry too small etc.)
 then the
center of mass will not be balanced or it may even tilt the appliance. Evenly place the laundry inside and try the cycle again.

Note : "UE“ error occurs when the laundry inside the tub is not evenly placed after the balancing process. 
Small but heavy materials such as rugs and carpets may not be eaily re-distributed and therefore the drum may not spin at all.


How to wash

 ⊙ Drying function cannot be used when selecting the blanket programme

 ⊙ Never wash electric blankets and carpets (can damage the washing machine and the laundry)

 ⊙ Do not wash blankets and clothes together.

     (This can cause clothes and blankets to be separated and this can cause the appliance to tilt).

 ⊙ When washing blankets the drum may take longer to spin in order to balance correctly as the blanket will be forced to the side

 ⊙ Regardless of the size of blankets, washing them one at a time is recommended for the better cleaning.

     Washing two blankets with different materials may unbalance the tub and this will cause a negative affect on spinning.

 ⊙ Do not roll the blankets, just  evenly place them in to the drum and do not fill more than 80% of the tub.



[Recommend less than 80%]





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